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The world has changed, and so should you.

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If you think about it, the world has changed a lot - but education hasn't changed all that much. So, if we want to design our own future, we need to move fast.

You could take a Marketing course and learn the same theory that was taught 20 years ago, but in the real world, Porters Five Forces won't help you. It's all about virtual influencers, video transition and creating impactful content in 15 seconds. Stuff that you won't find in your typical undergraduate degree.

Then, by the time you graduate, your dream has changed. Technology has evolved. New innovative roles emerge. And you're left wondering... "What's next for me? What do I truly want to do?"

HEX is changing the face of the 'exponential world'. Whether you become a startup founder, social activist or corporate innovator – we will give you the skills, tools and brain-hacks you need.

And we give you the space to dream, explore, and get to know more about who you really are and what you bring to the table.

We’re looking for legends ready to build the kind of world you want to live in. 

So if you’re ready to help re-shape the future, we’re here to teach you how.

5000+ Alumni Around the World
100+ Industry Mentors
50+ Global Industry Connections
30+ Award Recognitions
Don't worry. We've got you.

This is how we do it.

(It's Friday night and I feel all right...)


With a collective knowledge of over 350 years combined between 100+ mentors - there is no question too big or too small. We can help guide your dreams (the crazier, the better!) into a pathway to success.

Enhance your skills

Unlock the exponential skills and mindsets that you didn't even know you had. Our programs are designed to unleash the superpowers that makes you uniquely you. The world needs you, today!


Surround yourself with awesome humans who understand what you are going through and support you. The HEXiverse contains IRL and online events, career resources, jobs from our industry network, and connections to investors.


Our award-winning programs

We have created a seriously fun programs, designed for the next generation of leaders and super-humans – like you!

HEX Ed Digital Program

Learn anywhere, anytime. HEX Ed Digital is a series of fun, interactive units designed to empower your minds and skills. You will develop in-demand future capabilities, and learn from the best of the best leaders in diverse industries.

This course has been taken by over 1000 learners worldwide looking to amplify their potential and create the future of their careers.
Perfect for people looking for an alternative to a full degree, or a bridge from today – to your next career adventure.

HEX International Program

With our HEX International Programs, you will be taken on an exciting 2-weeks immersive learning venture in new cities known for their innovative and driven future careers — rubbing shoulders with tech leaders from Google, Uber, LinkedIn, NASA, Atlassian and more.

These programs have been running since 2017 and our global alumni network is epic. Make lifelong friends and meet potential business partners. Unlimited possibilities. Join the adventure of a lifetime in Melbourne, Singapore, Bali and more!

And you are not going through this alone . . .

We have a line-up of amazing mentors, ready to connect and guide you through whatever you need – from growth mindsets to emotional support, and academic excellence.

These people are well-versed leaders, social influencers, innovators, educators, policy makers, and HEX alumni who have experienced what you're going through.

Everyone's journey is different.
Instead of forcing you towards a job title or scorecard, our mentors are here to help you achieve your version of success.


The HEX career advantage

Sometimes, all you need is to take the first step. Do it for future you.

How else we can help amplify your HEX Factor?

1:1 and small group Mentoring

Explore job opportunities

Learn anywhere with HEX Ed - over 100 hours of golden nuggets

Hang out in the HEX community

Unlock your invitation to exclusive events

Priority access to 'digital nomad' accommodation around the world

Gain university credits

A chance to volunteer worldwide

Experience studying overseas on an exchange / gap year program

Once a HEXie, always a HEXie.

Not all success looks the same.

Since 2017, our HEXie (Alumni) have gone on to create the future of their career - in their ways.

We are so proud to be a part of their journey and discover the awesome future they want.

4.9/5 (536)

Had awesome self-paced learning journey with HEXperts and fellow HEXies! Thanks HEX, for providing training that helps scale up skills for my team and me.

Indra K.


HEX was like a sandbox, offering me support and confidence along my journey. The opportunity has allowed me to immerse myself in this world, where I’ve gained confidence in networking and the mindset to succeed.

Jenifer L.

GRAD to Founder

A big thank you to all the mentors who provided me support and much-needed encouragement. Thank you to the HEX team for organising such a wonderful program.

Yee Z.


HEX has taught me the value of resilience and powering through something, even though it’s hard. Because by the time you come out at the other end, you may just be rewarded with something unexpected!

Joshua S.


If I had to use one word to capture my experience as a whole, it would be that HEX truly felt like a “catalyst”. It was a catalyst for new experiences, new ideas, and most importantly, new connections and relationships.

Abbas H.


Over the course of the program, I flexed my entrepreneurial and networking muscles. I worked on my startup and had a chance to pitch to investors. Huge shoutout to HEX and fellow HEXies for being an amazing cohort.

Shrishaeka P.

RMIT Student

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