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Founded and led by Jeanette Cheah, one of Australia's Top 100 Innovators, HEX is on a mission to increase the exponential intelligence of the global workforce through transformative education.

To support our global scale ambitions, HEX will be conducting a capital raise in early 2023.

We are currently open to meeting aligned Venture Capital and Angel investors.  If you would like to be kept in the loop when our raise opens, please fill in the form below.

Big partnerships. Even bigger energy.


Wish that you could be like the cool kids?

Part of the HEX magic is a genuine immersion into professional life.

One morning, you’ll be chatting to a Forbes 30 Under 30 startup founder. The next day, you could be at a fireside chat with the guy that studies virtual influencers at YouTube.

There’s a 1:1 mentor session from a TED public speaking coach, before an ex-Apple designer runs her awesome workshop on prototyping. Then you’ll use Slack and Miro to work with your teammates on the opposite side of the world.

And even though we’re not taking unmasked group photos anymore (#thankscovid), we're still engaging with our industry mates every day.

Check out some of our in real life events and virtual mentors below

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HEX is powered by industry leaders across the globe. We partner with big tech companies, start-up launch pads, and many more.
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