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HEX is an extension part of your team. We empower the next generation of new economy leaders and raise the exponential intelligence of the global workforce.

40% of Grads say uni did not prepare them for work.

The traditional formula of studying hard, complete your high school, going to university and you will get a job no longer works. This is why we created HEX Ed, to build new education standards through enhancing learner's experience.

High School

Explore how many high schools have embedded innovation into their learning with the HEX High Accelerator program.

Tertiary & University

With over 37 university partners worldwide, HEX can help unlock a global learning passport for your students.

Exchange & Mobility Office

The flagship international program. Learn through entrepreneurial internship and experience what it's like to launch a startup overseas in innovative cities like Singapore, Tel Aviv, Ho Chi Minh City and more.


Are you looking for more materials to help elevate your teaching? HEX has a 'plug and go' online course available for you to use. We also provide teacher and facilitator guides.

Designed and created alongside 50+ legends from leading companies

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Now you can transfer HEX credits to any university globally with School of Record.

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