Australia’s first School of Record Partnership

How to transfer credits from HEX

HEX is designed so you can seamlessly transfer the credits you earn from our courses to higher education institutions around the world. HEX is also proud to have launched our HEX Credit Articulation Network along with many education partners where courses have been pre-reviewed for transfer.

Where are HEX students transferring credits?

Any student who successfully completes an approved HEX program will receive an official, graded academic record (Certificate of Completion) issued by the University of Sydney.

We have had many students who have successfully transferred their credits to:

Australian National University


Griffith University

Macquarie University

Murdoch University

RMIT University

Rochester Institute of Technology

University of Adelaide

‍University of Newcastle

‍University of Southern Queensland

‍University of Sydney

‍University of Tasmania

‍University of Technology Sydney

‍University of Wollongong

Graded academic record issued by the University of Sydney

What is School of Record?

‘School of Record’ arrangements are common in the United States, giving accredited universities the ability to expand their offerings to students, opening up pathways for students, and supporting flexibility in study choices through trusted third-party providers.

Starting in 2024, any student enrolled and graduated with HEX’s educational partners will receive an official, graded academic record (Certificate of Completion) issued by the University of Sydney. This academic record may be used by students to facilitate credit transfers at participating higher education institutions around the world.
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“HEX’s efforts to engage with students who have typically been underrepresented in post-school study aligns directly with our 10-year strategy to increase participation in higher education.

We expect many successful HEX alumni will direct their achievements towards further study at Sydney and other universities around the world.”

Professor Joanne Wright
The University of Sydney’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
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Why join the HEX Credit Articulation Network

Access a multitude of qualified students, each with an academic record that you can comprehend and rely on. Advocate for enhanced transparency in the transfer process.

Accredited students

Gain access to thousands of students, each with a credit points record that you understand and trust.

Saving on recruitment

With HEX Credit Articulation Network, you can save time and student recruitment costs.

Diversify your students

Create an inclusive atmosphere by extending a warm welcome to a more diverse and varied student body.

Holistic adminissions

Advocate for and uphold a comprehensive admissions approach that considers diverse aspects for equitable student selection.

Streamline process

Enhance efficiency by implementing measures to streamline the credit transfer process, facilitating a smoother experience for your staff.

Exclusive access

Your participation in the HEX Credit Articulation Network gives you access to students who have formal School of Record issued by the University of Sydney (rank 19th university in the world in 2024).
Connected with over 5,000+  alumni around the world.

What our hexies are saying

It all clicked when I found an entrepreneurship program like HEX.
This was a canvas where I could create the change I wanted to see in the world. HEX is really great at delivering the content in new and exciting ways.
CEO, Future Minds
The program was very solid.
I learned a lot about how best to present myself and my idea. The program really helped me cement my idea and taught me a lot about presentation skills, which is something I'll absolutely use in the future.
A program like no other!
Every school and student should definitely go through this. An opportunity for hands-on learning, growth and gaining insights into entrepreneurship.

These things cannot be learnt from books!
Thank you so much for experience that I will treasure for life.
This has been an experience I do not regret! Despite being anxious about coming in with a minimal business background I think I was able to gain so much more.
I don’t need to wait to make my impact in the chosen space.
Out of the entrepreneurial extracurriculars I’ve taken, HEX was the first arena that enabled me to explore my own idea. Often, I’d do team based work or work on someone’s case idea.
Would recommend this course to anyone and everyone.
The program is just so useful and everyone should do it regardless of if you are an aspiring entrepreneur or not. It makes you look at things differently and consider alternatives to the norm.

HEX Ed vs  Other education providers

Since 2017, HEX has built partnerships with awesome universities in the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia. We're handpicked for projects by government agencies like Global Victoria and the City of Melbourne. We hang out and learn from tech giants like Culture Amp, Google, and Zendesk. Whatever your next move, start with HEX.

HEX ED Features :
Award-winning program with off-ramps to alternative careers
Academic Credit with School of Record
Content relevancy updated monthly
Exclusive network access
Get mentored by leaders in their fields
Super-fun global community
Employability focused
Learn your way (online or in-person, onshore or international!)
Non-disruptive learning. Creating the traditional career pathways
Not eligible or recognised for Academic Credits
Lagging content relevancy
Not providing networking opportunity
Intructor, one-to-many learning style
Intimidating, excludes community
Graduation and assessment focused
Classroom based. Boring and outdated lessons
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