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What am I going to do after this?

The exponential future needs more adaptable knowledge workers.

We have programs for everyone - high school students, diploma & university students, recent grads, early careers, career changers and professionals. You can live a life, explore your pathways and do all of these while getting the necessary credits and accelerating your career!

Start with HEX, for whatever next.

We help you plan and explore your passion and the next career move. When it comes to success, being book-smart only gets you so far. What really sets people apart is their ability to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions.

Choose which one you're most identified with (right now):

High School Students

We help you tackle difficult decisions like whether going to uni, taking a gap year to explore the world, or entering the workforce.

Tertiary & University Students

HEX programs are designed to complement your academic journey, broaden your perspective, and prepare you for success in the professional world.

Graduates & Early Career

Launch your career with an entrepreneurship program for graduates and early-career professionals to cultivate a hireable mindset and skill set. Stand out in the job market.

Early-Stage Founders

Accelerate your startup in weeks overseas. Refine your business skills, identify your market research, access valuable resources, and build a foundation for sustainable growth.

Career Changers

Embrace a new career chapter? Acquire the skills that transition seamlessly into the career of the future, whether pursuing a startup or venturing into a new industry.


Stay ahead of your peers by enhancing leadership skills, fostering innovation, and gaining the strategic mindset to navigate the evolving business landscape.
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“I loved every bit of my course with HEX Ed because it let me put my creative ideas into an actual potential business. I get to engage with amazing industry mentors that I aspired to be one day. Highly recommend the program to anyone who dares to dream.“

Sheena Ma Diaz
Torrens University - HEX Alumni

Still you, just amplified.

With HEX Success Guarantee, when students complete HEX program, you'll emerge with:

Industry-level portfolio to showcase your skills, knowledge and workplace experience
Equivalent of 6 months internship experience
High-demand skills employers want
An answer to every possible job interview question
LinkedIn profile and personal branding that help you attract recruiters and connections
5+ Industry connections that will get you to whenever you want to explore next, and
The option to get a whole subject in credit from Uni (AQF7 level)


This is your golden ticket to the future

You're invited to create the pathway of your dream.
With HEX, we bring the industry's exclusivity to you. Our programs are not only designed to enhance your mindset and skills, but we also connect you to the experience you need, the right mentor or, maybe even your future employer.

Anything you need to get you ready to take the next step!


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