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Future-proof your leadership and career development.

HEX Career Accelerator Program
Monday 14 October - Friday 22 November, 2024

Suitable for graduates, early to mid career professionals, emerging leaders, and people looking to transition career.
100% online, learn from anywhere, project-based curriculum
Graduate in 6 weeks, part-time learning
Equivalent of 6 months internship experience
1:1 mentorship + career coaching from your future boss
The option to get university recognition credits from the top 20 university in the world
4.9 out of 5 based on 3,000+ reviews
Our graduates have been hired by:

The online career development program for action-takers ready to take the ambitious leap.

👋🏼 Hey you! Yes, YOU. You may have spent your whole life with… yourself.

But how well do you really know your values, purpose and strengths? The workplace is changing constantly, and classic career advice and traditional thinking just doesn't cut it anymore. You know you're ready for your next move, but just don't know how to start. Well – start here. This interactive masterclass series will takes you on a journey of self-reflection and up-skilling so you can explore all the different pathways available to you, and showcase these through an authentic personal proposition.

HEX Career Accelerator Program is designed for rising professionals looking to gain the ultimate toolkit that will make them different to the rest of their peers, connect with supportive peers, access mentors from leading companies, and receive formal academic credentials recognised at universities worldwide.

The program will help you understand and discover your hidden strength and values. Seek a pathway that really clicks for you. Whether you are a University student, Early Career professional or an Upskiller looking to take that leap of faith, at the point of inflection – whether that's levelling up, getting a new job, changing roles, or preparing for something big – HEX Career Accelerator Program is perfect for you.

Who should enrol in this program?

The emerging leader

You want to be the person everyone turns to in times of change, opportunity or growth. Maybe you just got promoted and need to level up your leadership. Knowing yourself, your values and goals as an emerging leader will level up your leadership style, to inspire others, and leave a lasting impression on the path to success.

The boardroom influencer

You want to gain the confidence to present your ideas and influence decisions. Understanding your passions and strengths helps you navigate the complex social impact landscape. Learn how to attract collaborators, and amplify your impact, making a meaningful difference in the world of positive change.

The hustler

You are thinking about starting a side-hustle or transitioning to a new role. Self-discovery is key. It fuels your passion, guides strategic decisions, attracts partners, and brings in investors and customers - while positioning you for success in the competitive startup landscape. HEX Career Accelerator is the place to start!

The mid-career

You're mid-career, and just realised you've never spent any time connecting with your purpose. This program will light the path to new opportunities, reveals hidden talents, boosts your confidence, and equips you to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

The next generation

You just graduated or in your early career, struggling to land the career of your dreams. Knowing yourself, your values, and your goals will be essential. It aligns your actions with your purpose and establishes your unique identity. It helps you stand out, attract opportunities, and build a solid foundation for future success.

The career transition

You have too many options in front of you and just can't choose. Knowing your inner skills and embracing self-discovery will unleash your superpower. With a well-defined personal brand, you'll stand out, attract opportunities, and become a go-to authority in your field. Step into the spotlight and take the center stage.

Designed and created alongside 50+ legends from leading companies

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What's included in HEX Career Accelerator

Online learning that isn't boring. HEX Career Accelerator program is co-designed with the latest skills and content that are being used right now in the workplace. And personalised learning allows each learner to identify an impact mission and take meaningful action.
Access to anexclusive community
Welcome to one of the most supportive, impactful communities you'll ever see. Connect with mentors and passionate people working across multiple industries. Ask any questions and get all the answers. On top of all that, access to HEX's community events, like the latest tech news, networking, thought leadership and more!
1 x Kick off call
Learn more about the program, your cohort's agenda, ask questions, set goals, and connect with your cohort.

45 minutes | Online
6 x Leadership Masterclasses
Featuring special guest speakers, ready to unpack your learning and help you with current challenges.

Every Week  |  60 minutes | Online
6 x Mentoring Sessions
Join the weekly drop-in mentoring sessions from industry legends like Atlassian and other giants.

Every Week  | 60 minutes | Online
Celebration & Career Showcase
Pitch your refreshed personal mission, values and career portfolio – then celebrate your next steps!


Use the tools of the workplace.

We go beyond the typical online learning platform and use workplace tools you've seen before (and might even introduce you to a few new ones!).
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What will you learn in HEX Career Accelerator?

Develop a professional portfolio to help you land your dream role.

Watch mini-videos and complete a checkpoint online (approx. 4 hours per week, in your own time). Attend the live online masterclass to discuss learnings and checkpoint (1 hour per week). All you will need access to a laptop or tablet, headphones and a WiFi connection. If you need any support with accessing this technology during your time on HEX Career Accelerator, please contact HEX to discuss our tech accessibility scholarships.


Week 1

Discover a deeper sense of self by defining your personal and professional values.


Week 2

Clarify your mission and goals – and be clear on your next steps.


Week 3

Investigate and practice your leadership capabilities to become a better manager.


Week 4

Improve your communication and relationship skills to grow your network and deal with tricky conversations.


Week 5

Learn the secret formula to crafting opinion pieces, pitches and impactful keynote speeches.


Week 6

Uncover your exponential intelligence to map out future leadership pathways.

Get real-world experience through impact project.

Our six-week project-base program is an exclusive experience that will set you apart from others.
More hireable when you've a strong personal branding and expeience. This will influences HR hiring decisions.
Satisfaction from graduates report a positive career change after.

Jeanette Cheah

Jeanette Cheah is the co-founder and CEO of HEX, with a mission to grows the exponential intelligence of the future workforce through skills and mindset-based programs.

Jeanette is a passionate advocate for the grassroots nurturing of leadership talent, start-up mindset, and tech inclusion and diversity in business.

She loves helping people gain skills to power up their careers, believing that economic power can change communities, and leadership power can change the world. Her mission is to see more diverse humans making decisions in business, tech and government, with education, network and empowerment being the pathway to that future.
Jeanette's recognitions:
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Career acceleration and clarity on your next move.

When you complete the HEX Career Accelerator Program, you'll emerge with:

Industry-level portfolio to showcase your skills, knowledge and workplace experience
Equivalent of 6 months internship experience
High-demand skills employers want
An answer to every possible job interview question
LinkedIn profile and personal branding that help you attract recruiters and connections
Meaningful and personalised industry connections
The option to get a whole subject in credit from Uni (AQF7 level)

What makes HEX Ed different?

We believe in doing things we’re passionate about.

When we’re doing things we don’t want to do, we’re not doing our best. So our goal is to stick to the stuff we’re passionate about. No taking on work that doesn’t thrill us.
Building features that actually make a difference
Letting employees take active ownership over their work
No burn-out from back-breaking work

Communicate Strong relationships are built on communication.

We don’t leave things unsaid. Because unsaid is often just another word for misunderstood. We over-communicate so everyone stays on the same page.
Letting everyone hold the mic
Honest, open communication
Even about the hard things

People first, profits later Building an environment people like working in.

By honest, we don’t mean harsh. We put kindness and empathy at the centre of our business, so we, our employees and our customers enjoy working together.
Unlimited paid leaves
Health insurance for all
Flexible work hours

Stay fresh Take action. Do unique, fun things.

We’ll admit: we’re not over-thinkers. We believe in action. We want to make things. Fast. We’re always about innovation.
Try new things
Even if that means failing a bit
Get to execution faster

Keep your feet on the ground Be confident, but down-to-earth.

As our lord and saviour Kendrick Lamar says, sit down, be humble. We don’t want to be another Valley tech bro (no offense). We want to remember our roots.
Being an active listener
Constantly learning
Adapting to all social groups and situations
Work alongside your mentors

Meet some of your industry faculty.

With over 50 mentors across all HEX Ed Units, rest assured that you'll be joined by the best minds. Meet some of them here!
Asami Koike
Founder at Shapes and Sounds
The founder of Shapes and Sounds which is a social enterprise that works to destigmatise and promote mental health in Asian communities. She is experience in trauma-informed therapy, program development, training and implementation and creative and somatic therapies.
Lisa Teh
Serial Entrepreneur & LinkedIn Top Voice
Co-Founder of Mooning (Web3 Marketing Agency). Founder CODI Agency (Digital Marketing). 40 Under 40 Most Influential Asian-Australian. Lisa has wide-range of experience under her belt building multiple businesses.
Will Richardson
Managing Partner at Giant Leap
Giant Leap - Australia's first 100% impact venture capital investment firm. Will has over 15 years experience in investment management predominantly within venture capital and private equity. His strengths include coaching and supporting founders, forming and leading investment teams, sourcing deals and funds, and connecting people and groups.
Jaclyn Benstead
CXO & Co-Founder at HEX
Jac has helped over 500 startups with their first pitch and sits on advisory boards of several. She's also a CEO of Gorillacom an ecommerce and product development company that develops unique and niche targeted online retail properties
Josh Farr
Founder of Campus Consultancy
Josh founded Campus Consultancy in 2017 on the insight that, “Better student leaders make university better for everyone.” A two-time TEDx speaker, Australia Business Journals #1 Student Leadership Coach in Australia and Founder of one of ABR’s Best Businesses in Australia, he is committed to helping you set record high student engagement records!
Nathan Jones
Director & Founder at Mood Institute
The director and founder of the Mood Institute, a social enterprise that delivers innovative, evidence-based emotional skills training to organisations. He is also a PhD candidate in Emotion Science, where he developed and validated a new data-driven approach to understanding and measuring emotion using intuitive visual cues. SXSW 2024 and TEDx Speaker.
Judy Anderson-Firth
CEO at Euphemia
Judy is a former CEO at Startup Victoria (The Startup Network), Australia’s largest startup community. She continue to contribute to the entrepreneur community aspart of several advisory boards around Australia.
Charlie Perelini
Marketing & Experience Lead at HEX
Communication & Marketing storyteller master, crafted 1000+ stories for businesses around the world. Bring brands to life with one click, swipe or TikTok at a time. He has worked with 80+ brands across the world. Charlie have built pathways for 500+ Pasifika youth into educational institutions like Griffith University Jumpstarted island-centric initiatives like Creative Ave and the iBelong Project in conjunction with Logan City Council.
Nathan Gold
Chief Coach at The Demo Coach
The renowned Demo Coach. Specialising in high-stakes communications, Nathan transforms individuals worldwide by helping them speak more confidently and enthusiastically while conquering speaking anxiety. He does this for TED talks, SharkTank appearances, investor pitching, customer presentations, and workshops, both live and remote.
Jodie Imam
Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Tractor Ventures
Jodie is passionate about helping businesses start and grow. Tractor Ventures exist to help founders unlock possibilities. She also a non-executive Director at Private Media Group (Smart Company, Crikey and The Mandarin).
Shoaib Iqbal
CEO & Founder at Esper Satellites
Shoaib Iqbal, CEO at Esper Satellite Imagery, is a 3-time startup founder who’s worked on companies in MedTech and Energy and has worked as a Payload Engineer across 2 high-powered rocket teams building sub-orbital scientific payloads for rockets. Shoaib’s academic background is specialised in Space Science and Engineering. Shoaib is also a hackathon veteran with one of his earlier companies receiving funding from the Saudi Arabian government through the MiSK Hackathon in 2016 and the Esper team being the winners of the UniHack 2019 under his leadership.
EOFY2024 is on. Get 50% OFF on the HEX Career & Degree Accelerator. End 30 June 2024.

2024 intakes now open

Next enrolment for HEX Career Accelerator program closes on Monday 30 September 2024.
Starts on Monday 14 October 2024


Application Now Closed

2024 HEX Career Accelerator

October 14 - November 22, 2024

Get ready for the job hunting season! Build a portfolio and learning the relevance skills that help you navigate the workplace.

2025 HEX Career Accelerator

April 28 - June 6, 2025

Plan your future, set the goal, explore career pathways and jump into action before the mid year rush. Secure your next move with HEX Career Accelerator.


What's included in the program

Our past alumni say this program changed their life. How will we change yours?

Accelerate your next move in 6-weeks
Work remotely on that passion project that has been on your mind. We have designed the content to work around your busy life. This means you have more power of your future!
Pay now or Pay in 4 installments
We understand that these times are hard, and always believe the opportunity to accelerate is not gatekept. We have designed a payment plan that takes the second guessing away from joining our HEX Career Accelerator Program.
Expand your network who will support your dreams
Network like a boss. Access mentors, join social activities, browse job opportunities and build connections with the HEX community, startup founders, investors, and other industry legends from around the world.

Career Accelerator

50% OFF
Normally $990 AUD. Offer ends 30 June 2024. Applications open now.
Everything you ever needed for your future plus more.
Access to HEX Ed digital platform
6-12 hours of drop-in Mentor hours
60+ micro videos
Networking & events invitations
6 x live online Masterclasses
Exclusive Slack community
5 x Checkpoints with expert feedback
Future career resources
1:1 Coaching opportunities
Discounted partner services
20% off HEX in-person programs
Tailored introductions to potential mentors, clients and supporters
Personalised LinkedIn and CV review and polish
Personalised social media content ideation & reviews
Certified LinkedIn credential in "Future Leadership Practices"
Optional Add-on: Transferrable university academic transcript from a global top 20 university.
Connected with over 5,000+  alumni around the world.

What our hexies are saying

It all clicked when I found an entrepreneurship program like HEX.
This was a canvas where I could create the change I wanted to see in the world. HEX is really great at delivering the content in new and exciting ways.
CEO, Future Minds
The program was very solid.
I learned a lot about how best to present myself and my idea. The program really helped me cement my idea and taught me a lot about presentation skills, which is something I'll absolutely use in the future.
A program like no other!
Every school and student should definitely go through this. An opportunity for hands-on learning, growth and gaining insights into entrepreneurship.

These things cannot be learnt from books!
Thank you so much for experience that I will treasure for life.
This has been an experience I do not regret! Despite being anxious about coming in with a minimal business background I think I was able to gain so much more.
I don’t need to wait to make my impact in the chosen space.
Out of the entrepreneurial extracurriculars I’ve taken, HEX was the first arena that enabled me to explore my own idea. Often, I’d do team based work or work on someone’s case idea.
Would recommend this course to anyone and everyone.
The program is just so useful and everyone should do it regardless of if you are an aspiring entrepreneur or not. It makes you look at things differently and consider alternatives to the norm.

You ready? Get in today.

Join the HEX revolution! This is a sign to accelerate your next move!

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Want to reach out directly?

If you're looking to chat with some of our team or alumni directly, send us an email or join our Slack community.


HEX Ed vs  Other education providers

Since 2017, HEX has built partnerships with awesome universities in the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia. We're handpicked for projects by government agencies like Global Victoria and the City of Melbourne. We hang out and learn from tech giants like Culture Amp, Google, and Zendesk. Whatever your next move, start with HEX.

HEX ED Features :
Award-winning program with off-ramps to alternative careers
Academic Credit with School of Record
Content relevancy updated monthly
Exclusive network access
Get mentored by leaders in their fields
Super-fun global community
Employability focused
Learn your way (online or in-person, onshore or international!)
Non-disruptive learning. Creating the traditional career pathways
Not eligible or recognised for Academic Credits
Lagging content relevancy
Not providing networking opportunity
Intructor, one-to-many learning style
Intimidating, excludes community
Graduation and assessment focused
Classroom based. Boring and outdated lessons
Essential reading

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To be a mentee is a rewarding experience, but to mentor others is quite a challenge!
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This is your golden ticket to the future

You're invited to create the pathway of your dream.
With HEX, we bring the industry's exclusivity to you. Our programs are not only designed to enhance your mindset and skills, but we also connect you to the experience you need, the right mentor or, maybe even your future employer.

Anything you need to get you ready to take the next step!


Customer satisfaction


Alumni worldwide




University & industry partners

Frequently asked questions

Do not worry, here are some questions we always get for our program.

How much does HEX Career Accelerator Program cost?

The HEX Career Accelerator program costs AUD $990 per learner. However, if you wish to purchase HEX Career Accelerator program in bulk you are eligible for an exclusive discount per learner. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Are there any additional funding opportunities for HEX Ed program?

We have over $1 million AUD in funding from various universities who are able to sponsor or subsidise your program cost.

What are the assessments like?

We don't believe in exams, so assessments (which we call checkpoints) have been designed to be practical so we can equip you with the right mindset, skillset, and toolset!

Our checkpoints, regardless of the unit,  can range from reflective or research focussed (i.e. asking you a series of questions so you can explore your relationship/attitude/behavior with money and set some financial goals), and others will be practical (i.e. creating a business plan or completing a business case project).

Each checkpoint will be graded by our team of assessors, so you will get feedback as you progress through the course. Checkpoints are a hurdle requirement and are graded in P/F. You will be required to submit all checkpoints within the program dates in order to receive your credit (That's about 5-6 checkpoints in 6 weeks).

Can I receive academic credit for the HEX Ed program?

HEX Ed can come with a Certificate of Completion issued by an accredited university. HEX Career Accelerator, however, does not include this School of Record certificate. If you wish to obtain one, you can do so for an addition cost of $250 AUD.

This certificate is recognised by most universities for credit equivalency. However, this isn’t guaranteed, and you’ll need to check with your own university about how much credit you can get and for which subjects. We recommend you get in touch with our team at hello@startwithhex.com, who will be able to help you navigate this with your course advisor.

The dates don't suit me. What do I do? 

This can happen! If you have any suggestions of when is a better time for you and why, let us know at hello@startwithhex.com.

What if I cannot finish the HEX Ed program within 6 weeks?

That's the beauty of HEX Ed, you will not get left behind! We are moving as one unit. We've got you.

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