Careers at HEX

HEX is a global education startup based in Australia. We’re on a mission to unleash the talent that’s held captive in traditional education and career paths – and help young people take their place as leaders, sooner.

Our flagship product is ‘HEX Ed’, a 6-month innovation gap year experience focused on innovation, tech startups, design thinking and future mindsets. With HEX Ed, gap year students get mentorship from professionals, make friends around the world, and can even get academic credit at leading unis.

At HEX, we’ve run virtual hackathons and events spanning 17 time zones; organised global trade missions for Government clients; incubated hundreds of founders in innovation hotspots like Silicon Valley; and worked with Nobel Prize winners, Y Combinator-backed startup founders, TED coaches, Grammy nominees, venture capital investors, and tech / startup legends like Guy Kawasaki.

We’re a lean, high-energy, remote-first team. We let our geek flag fly, learn new things daily, and hold ourselves to world-class standards (we’ve got the awards to prove it...)We are proud to have empowered thousands of future leaders – now we need your help to really take this thing to the next level.

We aren't actively hiring, but are always open to a conversation!

Life and vibe at HEX

Network effect & collaboration

Why do it alone when you can bring friends along for the ride? We believe that clever partnerships can be the answer to some of the world's biggest problems, and our default mechanism is 'collaborate'. We're proud to be building a global network of leaders who act the same way.
Bias to action

Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard. And actions demonstrate priorities. We're all about making things real, finding the path of least resistance, and getting stuck into the work. It's struggle sometimes to balance this against our natural perfectionism, but we know HEX is a safe space to experiment.
Equality and inclusion

It's good for the world, good for empathy-building, and good for the bottom line. We actively seek diverse representation at every level, and hold ourselves accountable to our metrics. We help to drive more equitable access to education – and we stand tall and speak loudly as role models in our communities.
Flexibility and remote work

is built in to our DNA. We have a dog-friendly co-work space in Fitzroy, Melbourne and access to an office in Adelaide – but we support remote work in all forms. We also trust you to manage your hours, communications and deliverables like a grown-up. 😉
Pay it forward

We believe you only need to be a few steps  ahead on your journey to be able to help someone else. As part of the Pledge 1% movement, we give 1% of our product and our people's time to support better access to education and mental health initiatives.
Work hard, play hard, dream harder

We're excited to get up in the morning and we like the people we work with. We're not afraid to let our geek-flag fly – and we're a breath of fresh air for our stakeholders. In everything we do, we make sure we have some fun and try to laugh at least once every day.
Global excellence and continuous improvement

We're high achievers with global standards for ourselves and our learners. We love external recognition (who doesn't?), but what really lights us up is the knowledge that we're constantly growing and evolving to meet best practice and market needs.
All about people

We're learner-centric, obsessed with student outcomes and building community. We know we are nothing without our people. We'll always put the human experience first, whether that's our team, our students, clients, or our stakeholders.