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General Questions

I’m a university student. What funding is available?

We have over $1 million AUD in funding from various universities who are able to sponsor or subsidise your program cost. View our list of current available funding here.

We also recommend chatting with your Study Abroad or Global Mobility office for all enquiries regarding program funding.

Do I have to be enrolled in high school/at university to do a program?

Not at all! Our programs attract students, early-stage founders, corporate innovators, career changers, and side-hustlers.

Where can I access your Terms and Conditions?

You can find the Terms and Conditions for all our programs here.

If you have any questions, please reach out and we will follow-up with you.

How do I change my billing details after I've paid for and enrolled into a program?

It's easy to change your billing details. Here's how: 

1. Log onto your account by going HERE.
2. In the top-right, click on My Account
3. On the right hand side, you'll see Billing Info & Billing Details
4. Billing Details are for you to change your Address, Country, and Phone Number whereas Billing Info is where you can add your new card.

That's it, you're done!

I don't have an idea yet. Can I still enroll for a HEX program?

There's absolutely no expectation for you to have a business/start up idea! After all, that's what we're here for! We do, however, recommend that you start thinking about your passion, interests & problems beforehand as it'll make brainstorming a bit easier!

What are the eligibility requirements for HEX programs?

We are looking at you as a person not as a piece of paper, so our application process is different to most. Rather than GPA, we look for curiosity, passion, resilience, evidence of action, empathy, adaptability, and of course 'HEXiness'. In fact, some of our programs don't even require an application as there should be no barriers to learning and upskilling.

If you are filling in an application, just be your awesome self. If you are a university student, your university may have their own eligibility requirements (for participation, funding, etc).

Can I drop out of university and just do a HEX program? Will HEX help me get a job?

Although, we are university-aligned, we are not a substitute for university. With HEX, you will learn and develop several transferable skills which you can then use for your future career. HEX also gives you access to sought-after mentors and industry connections that you can leverage for an internship or job.

What kind of social activities are included with HEX programs?

Social activities include study groups, masterclasses, mentoring, and much more. These are online to accommodate learners from different time zones.
We also have HEX events that happen in-person in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Cardiff, and any other location that has a sizeable alumni strength. Our newsletter and socials have the lowdown on all things HEX!

Am I eligible to participate in HEX as a high school student? 


For our in-person programs, we require learners to be at least 18 years of age as they involve international travel.

For our digital programs, age is no barrier and these programs are a great option for students. It's also a way to get university-equivalent academic credit, as each HEX course is credit-aligned at the undergraduate degree level. If you're in high school, we recommend checking out the HEX High Accelerator, a program specifically designed for students.

HEX In-Person Programs

What does the application process look like for HEX International?

After you click here to access the application page, you need to fill in your details and upload a short video (5 minutes max).
This video doesn't have to be professional - you can record it on your phone or laptop. The video gives us the chance to get to know you, why you want to join the program, and why the program is good for you.

After we review the video, you will be required to attend a video interview with one of the HEX team members. On the rare occasion, we may waive off the interview component if you've blown our minds with your application!

HEX Online Programs

How do I enroll for the online programs? What does the application process entail?

We have a rolling intake, so you can enrol at any time. This means that no matter where you're studying or what calendar you follow, you can join HEX. However, since our online programs are cohort-led, you may have to wait a while before you can get access to the course.

How do assessments work on the online programs?

We don't believe in long and boring exams, so assessments (which we call checkpoints) have been designed to be practical in order to equip you with the right mindset, skillset, and toolset!

Our checkpoints, regardless of the unit,  can range from reflective or research focussed (i.e. asking you a series of questions so you can explore your relationship/attitude/behavior with money and set some financial goals), and others will be practical (i.e. creating a business plan or completing a business case project).

Each checkpoint will be graded by our team of assessors, so you will get feedback as you progress through the course. Some checkpoints are a hurdle requirement and are graded as P/F, whereas others are scored. You will be required to submit all checkpoints within the program dates in order to receive your credit (That's 6 checkpoints in 6 weeks).

What’s so special about the online programs?

It's entirely self-paced with live elements which will support students from any timezone. We'll have online events, mentor hours, and much much more. Designed to suit a gap year, a student with work/family commitments, or an early professional looking to level up.

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