February 8, 2023

WorldStrides and HEX Announce Partnership to Offer High School and University Students Innovative Courses.

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WorldStrides and HEX Announce Partnership to Offer High School and University Students Innovative Courses.

WorldStrides, the global leader in educational travel and experiential learning announced today its partnership with HEX, an Australian-based edtech company delivering an internationally recognized, future-focused, alternative education to the next generation of talent. The partnership with HEX is designed to offer the WorldStrides student network access to HEX courses, topics and content that matter in the 21st century workplace while preparing students for in-demand, innovation-driven careers. HEX’s curriculum will be offered as part of WorldStrides experiences beginning in the Spring of 2023.

HEX provides a new kind of learning that sits at the intersection of education and technology. Its vision is to close the gap between a digital future that is exponentially changing and traditional education institutions which are struggling to keep up with this change. The company’s flagship product, HEX Ed, is an “Innovation Gap Year” program for high school graduates that is backed by a top 50 ranked global university and in partnership with global tech giant Atlassian. Underpinning HEX Ed is a new IP called ‘Exponential Intelligence’ (XQ) designed to help young people explore their current and potential capabilities for the world of work so that they can identify and choose their best learning and career options armed with self-knowledge and self-efficacy.

“HEX provides a digital experience that enables WorldStrides students to learn new skills, build their resumes, and explore their passions, all with the freedom and flexibility that a non-traditional education offers,” said Robert Gogel, President & CEO of WorldStrides. “Its mission to combine learning, work experience and travel aligns beautifully with ours which at its heart is education and personal growth,” Gogel added, “We are excited to partner together and look forward to introducing HEX to the greater WorldStrides community.”

HEX courses are offered both virtually or in-person, and are arranged around five core themes – Innovation, You, Tech, Money, and Future (full descriptions below). Each course is transferrable across many career disciplines and prepares students for a hybrid learning environment that they’ll encounter in many post-secondary programs.

“The world is changing – and the secret to a successful career is changing with it. WorldStrides has empowered generations of students to learn outside the classroom – making them a natural partner for this effort,” said Jeanette Cheah, Co-Founder and CEO of HEX. “Through this partnership, WorldStrides students will have the opportunity to build their networks, gain industry-specific skills and credentials, and future-proof their lives. Whether your sights are set on becoming a startup founder, social activist, or corporate innovator, HEX’s courses give all high schoolers the skills and the space to dream, explore and get to know more about who they really are and what they bring to the table.”

As the global leader in experiential learning and educational travel, WorldStrides creates life-changing moments for students, allowing them to see beyond the classroom and learn outside the textbook. The partnership with HEX provides complementary learning to WorldStrides’ core programs that include career exploration, educational travel, study abroad language immersion, service-learning, performing arts and sports. The partnership exposes WorldStrides students to hyper-relevant ideas, tools, and networks to help them continue to grow into the innovation leaders and founders of tomorrow.

About WorldStrides

WorldStrides is the global leader in educational travel and experiential learning. The company was founded in 1967 to provide middle school travel programs to Washington, D.C., and has grown to provide a wide range of programs for more than 550,000 students annually to over 100 countries around the world. WorldStrides offers experiential learning programs in educational travel, performing arts, language immersion, career exploration, service-learning, study abroad, and sports. Each of these experiences helps students to see beyond the classroom and to see the world – and themselves – in new ways.

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