HEX International:
Terms and Conditions

First off, thank you for your application. You are applying to join the HEX community - the next generation of global entrepreneurs and future leaders. Now for the pedantic but important stuff.

Please read and accept these Terms and Conditions.


You are attending the HEX program with the intention to develop yourself professionally and personally. You commit to participate in the full agenda (with the exception of illness or prior arrangement), and commit to the professional behaviour standards expected of early-stage startup founders and student leaders. The information and views presented in the Program are not necessarily those of HEX, and you should exercise your own judgment in relying on and applying this information.

HEX reserves the right to refuse any applicant admission to any program if they are not well suited for the program. Important program information will be sent to the email address provided on the application. Photographs, video, and/or statements that are gathered while on the program may be used in promoting HEX, for example on our website, social media and in PR. These photos and videos are available for you to download, email, or print for personal use. If you’d rather we didn’t use your images in marketing or PR, please advise HEX in writing prior to


It is essential that you notify HEX if you have any form of physical, learning, mental health or other disability or impairment that may require support services in the host location. While we always aim to give you a great experience, HEX does not guarantee support services in the host location, as it may constitute a matter beyond our control. HEX also cannot guarantee that any partners, and accommodations will be able to host the Participant on the program.

Travel Documents

It is your responsibility to make sure that you have a valid passport (a minimum of 6 months is generally required) and all required visas for travel and arrival into the destination country. HEX is not responsible if these requirements are not met and you are told to head back home from immigration. If you aren’t sure what you need, please seek independent advice. You are also responsible and liable for all of the costs incurred and associated with obtaining the correct permissions to enter the destination country.


We can’t stress this enough. Comprehensive travel insurance is super important, in fact, it is mandatory and you must show written proof of insurance prior to departure. HEX accepts no responsibility and will not be accountable or liable for any type of loss or expenses in the event that you fail to purchase comprehensive travel insurance or in the event that any such comprehensive travel insurance policy fails to cover you (whether wholly or partially) for such loss or expenses. Whilst HEX may refer to travel services or insurance products, This does not constitute an endorsement by HEX of those products or services nor acceptance of any liability in relation to those products or services.

Academic Credit

While some universities do offer academic credit for HEX programs, HEX cannot guarantee that you will receive academic credit at your home institution. HEX will assist you as much as is reasonable to gain or transfer credit, but credit is solely at the discretion of your home institution, and it is ultimately your responsibility to seek credit. HEX makes no representation, gives no opinion, accepts no responsibility and will not be accountable or liable for how a program may or may not fit into your personal academic program at their home institution.

Fee and Payments

If you are accepted, you must pay a non-refundable deposit of 10% to secure your place, payable within 7 days of HEX sending you your formal acceptance email.

Program inclusions are a package fee and cannot be broken into segments. Final payment for all programs is typically due 60 days prior to the departure date for the program (however, this may be earlier) and will be clearly articulated on the invoice or payment gateway. If you require additional funding to satisfy the payment amount, such as OS-HELP (Australian students) or Financial Aid (US students) it is your responsibility to factor in the required timings to meet HEX payment deadlines, and to seek alternate arrangements if required. Without exception, you must pay program fees in full to HEX to be eligible to take part in any program. You are also responsible for any additional charges, such as extra nights of accommodation, change fees, upgrades or other expenses that you incur which are not explicitly included in the program package.

Important Dates

Applications Close: 120 days prior to departure date

Deposit Due: 7 days after formal acceptance email or 90 Days prior to departure date, whichever comes first

Final Payment Due: 60 Days prior to departure date

Program Fee Changes

HEX reserves the right to vary program fees up to the date that you are accepted into the program, in the event of significant changes in exchange rates or price rises made by partners or other suppliers.

Program Changes and Program Cancellations

HEX program agendas are subject to change, based on the health and availability of mentors, business contacts and startup founders, but the core content of the Program will not fundamentally change. HEX reserves the right to cancel any program if there are insufficient registrants or if HEX determines it is in the best interest of your safety and quality of programming to cancel the program. HEX is not responsible for other costs you may incur by preparing for a program. Should a program be cancelled by HEX for any reason, you will be offered the option of places in other HEX programs or a full refund on all fees paid.

Withdrawals and Refund Policy

We get it, plans change. But if you do need to cancel for any reason, you must notify HEX in writing as soon as possible. The cancellation will be effective upon receipt and acknowledgement of the written notification by HEX. Here is our timeline of withdrawals and payments.

After acceptance, but prior to deposit deadline (7 days after offer): No penalty

61 Days or more prior to the program departure date: 100% of program costs refunded excluding deposit amount

Between 31 and 45 days prior to the program departure date: 50% of total program costs refunded excluding deposit amount

30 days or less prior to the program departure date: No refund

HEX always aims to work fairly and within the best interests of participants and partner programs. Therefore, any serious illness or incident that causes you to withdraw must be documented by a registered Doctor and formal written notification sent to HEX for assessment.

In this case, any decision about refunds by HEX is at our discretion and is final. While we hope never to do this, we do reserve the right to cancel your participation if relevant deadlines are not met and we reserve the right to retain the program deposit amount as an administrative fee.

Please always contact us as soon as possible if there is any risk of missing a payment deadline.

Release of Liability

HEX, its partners, mentors, and employees give notice that they act solely on behalf of and for the benefit of the participants, on the express agreement that HEX shall not be liable, financially or otherwise, for non-performance or unsatisfactory service; for the injury to persons including death, for loss of or damage to property, for accident or delay, and/or for expenses arising from strikes, weather, quarantine, sickness, government regulation, civil unrest or war, or from any act or omission of HEX partners or employees, and/or airline, mail services, rail, bus company, vehicle rental entity, hotel, restaurant, or other supplier of service. By agreeing to these terms and conditions Participants assume all of these risks and agree to indemnify HEX, its employees, partners, mentors, and employees harmless for any and all liability that may arise in connection with participation in a HEX program.

Variation to Terms and Conditions

HEX reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions. Should this change occur after you have been accepted into a program you will be notified electronically through the email address you applied with.

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