High school student programs.

Experiences that will be valuable for your future.

Go from high school students to university or get employed – HEX Education will allow you to explore your next move.

Explore your non-traditional learning path.

Trust us, we know what it's like to experience FOMO when being forced to choose a degree or a 'job title'. That's why it's important to explore all the options and take time to decide what's right for you.
Online Program
6 weeks with university credits

HEX High Accelerator

Suitable for Year 10 - Year 12 students

Our 6-week online program that takes you beyond the everyday classroom to explore the world of innovation and get you ready for the future after school.
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Online Program
6 weeks with university credits

HEX Professional

Suitable for High School grads and onward

The 6-week online program designed for students who are seeking the CEO internship experience to build a portfolio for a successful career through entrepreneurship.
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Join the partner network and work towards the future of innovation.

What's included in HEX programs

Online learning that isn't boring. HEX programs are co-designed with students for Gen Z-style learning with the latest content that's being used right now in the workplace. And personalised learning allows each student to identify an impact mission and take meaningful action.
Access to anexclusive community
Welcome to one of the most supportive, impactful communities you'll ever see. Connect with mentors and passionate people working across multiple industries. Ask any questions and get all the answers. On top of all that, access to HEX's community events, like the latest tech news, networking, thought leadership and more!
1 x Kick off call
Learn more about the program, your cohort's agenda, ask questions, set goals, and connect with your cohort.

45 minutes | Online
6 x Innovation Workshops
Learn about the founder's mindset, how to analyse the market and creating a convincing case for your idea.

Every Tuesday | 60 minutes | Online
6 x Mentoring Sessions
Join the weekly drop-in mentoring sessions from industry legends like Atlassian and other giants.

Every Thursday | 60 minutes | Online
Celebration & Pitch Showcase
Pitch your portfolio and idea for your dream career or impact as a CEO. Practice your presentation skills, then celebrate your success!


Learn the tools of a real workplace.

Connect student skills to the tools that are being used in the workplace, so they can easily acclimatise to the fast-changing world of work.
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This is your golden ticket to the future

You're invited to create the pathway of your dream.
With HEX, we bring the industry's exclusivity to you. Our programs are not only designed to enhance your mindset and skills, but we also connect you to the experience you need, the right mentor or, maybe even your future employer.

Anything you need to get you ready to take the next step!


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