September 11, 2023

A guide to convincing your boss about HEXPO2023

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A guide to convincing your boss about HEXPO2023

Unlock the next level in one day. Opportunities are what you make of them. HEXPO is just around the corner!

Taking your work to the next level sometimes means stepping outside the office and into an event like HEXPO. As the premier gathering for Melbourne’s startup and professional development enthusiasts, HEXPO is your chance to immerse yourself in a world of innovation, networking, and growth. 

With a lineup of renowned speakers, incredible networking and dynamic panels, HEXPO offers a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with groundbreaking ideas and industry pioneers. With this newfound knowledge, you'll return to work equipped to propel your career and company forward.

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Why you should attend:

HEXPO talks about relevant topics

Across nine sessions, HEXPO will explore some of the most critical trends in the workforce. By the time we're done, you won't just be up to speed on the newest wave of ideas, but you'll also know why they're a big deal and how they fit into the grand scheme of things. For companies hungry to grow, understanding these trends is a game-changer – it's the key to staying ahead in the competitive landscape.

HEXPO is a platform for businesses 

Government, corporates, startups - you name it! If you want to forge new partnerships or explore investment opportunities. HEXPO has a powerhouse of hundreds of attendees from all backgrounds, making it an ideal environment for networking, conducting business, and sparking fresh ideas.

HEXPO gathers the best worldwide

Are you on the lookout for fresh talent? Ready to mingle with people from all corners? We're stoked to have some incredibly talented students and professionals gearing up for the event. We're not just talking local – folks from different states and even other countries are joining the excitement!

HEXPO will grow your network

Remember, your network is your net worth. Start conversations with your peers, brainstorm solutions, and meet potential partners, suppliers, investors, and mentors. HEXPO is a hub for industry-changing conversations that can reshape your approach to work. If your company's all about levelling up, these connections could be the secret sauce to growth – because, let's face it, knowing the right people can make all the difference.

World-class speakers, revolutionary ideas

HEXPO's speaker lineup boasts global experts in everything from the Future of Work to Fintech, Exponential Intelligence(™), Innovation, Leadership and Side Hustles. This list includes Victoria Beal, Managing Director at Submarine; Jahin Tanvir, CEO of the Australian School of Entrepreneurship; Benjemen Elengovan, Founder & CEO at MyGigsters; Dominic Pym, Co-Founder at UpBank & Director at Fintech Australia and finally HEX’s very own CEO and CXO, Jeanette Cheah and Jaclyn Benstead

HEXPO 2023 will take place on the 28th of September at Big Plans Melbourne from 9 AM to 9 PM (including an afterparty)! Tickets are available on Eventbrite right here! 

Still on the fence? I’ve even written you an email you can send directly to your boss for consideration 🙂 


Hey [Boss's Name],

I came across something awesome that could benefit me and the company. It's called HEXPO 2023, on September 28th at Big Plans Melbourne. Before you dismiss it as just another event, let me give you the scoop on why it's worth considering:

Fresh Insights: HEXPO is all about diving into the latest trends in our industry across nine sessions. I'll get a handle on the newest ideas and how they fit into our game plan, which could give us an edge in staying competitive.

Networking Goldmine: Think of HEXPO as a melting pot for government, corporates, startups – you name it. It's primed to create new connections, explore investment possibilities, and spark different ideas. With a mix of attendees from all walks, HEXPO could be the ideal platform to connect with the person who could propel our business growth forward.

Global Connections: People from all over, even different countries, are headed to HEXPO. Rubbing shoulders with this diverse crew means a fresh injection of ideas and perspectives that could work wonders for our strategies.

Boosting the Network: They say your network is your net worth, and HEXPO is like a treasure trove for industry-changing convos. I can chat with peers, brainstorm with intelligent minds, and meet potential partners, suppliers, and mentors. These connections are the secret sauce for our growth.

Top-Notch Speakers: HEXPO's speaker lineup is fire, featuring experts in everything from the Future of Work to Fintech. Their insights could be pure gold for our future moves.

I'm keen on being a part of this, and it fits right into our work hours, even including an afterparty for more networking.

Could we chat about giving this a shot? This kind of thing could count towards my professional development or learning and development goals, which is an extra perk.

You can check the event details here next.startwithhex.com/hexpo

Appreciate you taking a look at this, and looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


[Your Name]

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