May 22, 2024

Camberwell Girls Grammar School and HEX partner for an Australian-first learning model that gets student leaders future-ready

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Camberwell Girls Grammar School and HEX partner for an Australian-first learning model that gets student leaders future-ready

HEX is thrilled to announce the renewal of our partnership with Camberwell Girls Grammar School (CGGS), a vibrant institution that has been empowering young women in Melbourne for over 100 years. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in creating an innovative learning model aimed at preparing student leaders for the future and it is the first of its kind in an Australian secondary school. 

Our partnership with CGGS

At the heart of our partnership is the exceptional leadership at Camberwell of Debbie Dunwoody and her team. Their forward-thinking approach and deep understanding of future generations' needs make them ideal partners in this endeavour.

CGGS educators have warmly embraced HEX, sharing invaluable insights and collaborating closely with us to co-design a new style of learning journey. This ensures that students remain at the forefront of every initiative, and educators are partners in the delivery.

One thing CGGS and HEX share is that we are deeply committed to increasing the representation of women in business, leadership and technology. We’re inspired to be working with a school filled with bright, young minds, and we aim to empower and encourage these future innovators to excel in any industry they choose.

Introducing HEX@CGGS

The HEX@CGGS program is built on four key ingredients: industry relevance, academic rigour, student co-design, and personal mentorship. This combination is designed to drive transformative outcomes and build students' Exponential Intelligence (eXQ).

Year 9 Commerce students will dive into videos from HEX Money & Innovation courses and pitch their own start-ups and small business ideas to the HEX team and experience how this process works in the real world. These videos will lift the lid on how money flows around the world and how to develop a business. 

Year 10 and 11 students can choose to complete up to four bespoke designed HEX Ed courses with each earning them HEX Industry Microcredentials. Year 10 students will have access to the HEX Money and HEX Innovation courses, and the Year 11 students will explore the HEX Future and HEX Tech courses. These students will enjoy exclusive access to personal, weekly mentoring and insightful online content. 

Additionally, they will have the opportunity to attend HEXCURSION – a one-day interactive event at the Wade Institute at the University of Melbourne, featuring a panel of university representatives and experts from companies like Modibodi, SEEK, Deloitte, and the Alfred Hospital. This unique model, combining self-directed online learning with a transformative event, is exclusive to HEX@CGGS.

Year 12 students and CGGS graduates will have the option to access additional opportunities such as the HEX High Accelerator Program, HEX Degree Accelerator Program and HEX International Programs to earn a University of Sydney Academic credential. 

HEX@CGGS Ambassadors 

As part of this program, we are excited to appoint Kiki P. and Sara R. as Australia’s first HEX Secondary Student Ambassadors. In this pivotal leadership role, our Ambassadors will co-design learning experiences, provide insights, and connect the CGGS student body to career and industry opportunities offered by HEX.

Our Ambassadors will gain access to:

  • Personalised tertiary course selection and career advice
  • Cover letter, CV, LinkedIn, and university entry essay reviews
  • Special invitations to HEX university and industry events
  • Workplace shadowing opportunities
  • Participation in HEX High Accelerator, eligible for university credit

We look forward to expanding this program in the coming years and creating more Ambassador opportunities for CGGS students.

Preparing for the Future

In a rapidly changing world, the future of work can be both exciting and overwhelming. The HEX@CGGS program acknowledges that regardless of the career path students choose, they must be equipped with adaptable skills and capabilities to thrive. Together, HEX and CGGS are committed to providing these essential tools, ensuring students are future-ready.

We are excited about the journey ahead and the endless possibilities this partnership will create for the young women at Camberwell Girls Grammar School.

Want to explore a partnership for your high school?

If you’re an education provider looking to establish a similar partnership, reach out to our team today for a chat.

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