January 16, 2024

HEX and Hills Grammar launch a groundbreaking entrepreneurial program for high school students

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HEX and Hills Grammar launch a groundbreaking entrepreneurial program for high school students

We are excited to announce a new collaboration between HEX and Hills Grammar, a forward-thinking school located in Kenthurst, 30km northwest of Sydney CBD. Fun fact, Delta Goodrem attended Hills Grammar from kindergarten until Year 11!

40 students from Hills Grammar will participate in the HEX High Accelerator Program during our Term 1 and Term 2 cohorts. 


Hills Grammar School's Principal, Karen Yager, shares her enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "Our vision is focused on growing minds, discovering passions and nurturing character. Our aim is to enable students to awaken their passions and inspire the pursuit of learning in the classroom and beyond, fostering their potential for greatness and preparing them for the world of the future so they can contribute meaningfully to society propelled by a strong sense of purpose, resilience and hope."

Students passionate about entrepreneurship will have the opportunity to apply for an entrepreneurial bursary. This allows them to work on projects that develop new ideas and solve complex problems for their community or any industry/sector they are interested in exploring.

Karen Yager explains why she chose HEX as a partner, "Schools need to focus on entrepreneurialism that teaches students the crucial enterprise and life skills of creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, citizenship, and collaboration. Partnering with HEX augments our highly successful entrepreneurship program and will enable our students to think like entrepreneurs and learn to be agentic, resilient and courageous."

In choosing HEX as its partner, Hills Grammar aims to provide students with a unique learning experience beyond traditional classroom boundaries. This program will equip students with valuable skills but will also offer them a formal academic credential, helping them save money and fast-track their university degrees.

Want to explore a partnership for your high school?

If you’re an education provider looking to establish a similar partnership, chat with our team today. 

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