January 30, 2024

HEX and Internmatch's Alliance Spearheads Global Educational Empowerment

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HEX and Internmatch's Alliance Spearheads Global Educational Empowerment

HEX is thrilled to share a personal and exciting announcement – the formalisation of a longstanding friendship and collaboration between HEX and Internmatch.

This partnership is the result of many years of supporting each other as friends and peers in the education industry, marking a significant step in our journey together.

HEX and Internmatch share a history of collaboration, particularly through the Study Melbourne programs. Over the years, we've supported each other in various ways, from working together in shared spaces to providing scholarships for educational programs. 

This announcement marks the first formal business arrangement between HEX and Internmatch, representing a milestone in our evolving relationship.

Empowering Students in Africa:

The selected HEX Ed Digital programs through Internmatch will contribute directly to increasing employability in Africa. The focus is on supporting young, ambitious individuals seeking opportunities. Internmatch's mission to connect students with internships worldwide aligns seamlessly with HEX's commitment to global education and empowerment.

Gerard Holland, CEO of Internmatch, emphasises their mission to “bridge the employability skills gap globally.” with a keen focus on Africa's youthquake, Internmatch collaborates with esteemed partners such as the Global Employability Challenge, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, and Rotary Australia to make a meaningful impact in the region.

Internmatch is known for its careful selection of partners, ensuring that high standards are consistently met.

With a remarkable 97% satisfaction rate from customers, Internmatch is intentional in choosing partners who can add significant value to their mission.

HEX, with its academic accreditation from a top-tier university, stands out as an ideal partner, offering students both work experience and academic recognition.

A Global Perspective:

Jaclyn Benstead, CXO and Co-Founder from HEX highlights, “Our global operation has aligned from day one. having worked across the US, APAC, Europe, and now, expanding our footprint into Africa. This partnership is a strategic move, allowing us to venture into a region where we haven't extensively operated yet, all while working with trusted and respected partners like Internmatch.”

As HEX and Internmatch embark on this new chapter, the shared commitment to education, empowerment, and global impact shines through.

This partnership represents not only a collaboration between organisations but the continuation of a friendship that has flourished over the years. HEX looks forward to making a meaningful contribution to Internmatch's mission of connecting students worldwide with valuable internship opportunities and fostering growth and opportunities for the next generation.

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