January 29, 2024

HEX Partners with Innovation Dojo to Foster Innovation in the Asia Pacific

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HEX Partners with Innovation Dojo to Foster Innovation in the Asia Pacific

HEX, a leading advocate for innovation and entrepreneurship in the Asia Pacific region, is thrilled to announce its key partnership in delivering the Osaka Innovation Program.

Collaborating with Innovation Dojo and the Cremorne Digital Hub (CDH), HEX is set to welcome 12 Japanese students to Melbourne, embarking on a journey to nurture and develop their startup ideas from problem-solving solutions through to pitch as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Program.

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Expanding Horizons

HEX's commitment to fostering innovation spans across the Asia Pacific region, and the collaboration with Innovation Dojo marks the next significant step in their mission. The partnership demonstrates HEX's dedication to supporting diverse regions and establishing meaningful connections in the world of entrepreneurship.

“The program is specifically designed for the next generation of social entrepreneurs in Japan, taking a cohort of under 25-year-olds from across the Kansai region to Melbourne, deepening their understanding of sustainable businesses and SDGs translation into real businesses, and to enable the development of a global entrepreneurial mindset.” – said Joshua Flannery, CEO & Founder of Innovation Dojo Japan.

Exciting Program Highlights

The Osaka Innovation Program is set to offer a dynamic and enriching experience for the participating Japanese students. The program will feature networking opportunities within Melbourne's vibrant ecosystem. Additionally, participants will have the chance to explore leading co-working spaces and engage with Melbourne's thriving community of entrepreneurs.

Supported by collaborators and partners to the program, including RMIT University, SoftBank Group Corp., Artesian (Alternative Investments), City of Melbourne, Invest Victoria, University of Melbourne, WOMENCANFLY.CO, Synean and a surprise big-name global corporation we are keeping under wraps.

One of the key highlights of the Osaka Innovation Program is the personalised mentoring provided by the HEX team, along with support from HEX alumni and industry experts. This hands-on approach ensures that the students receive valuable insights, guidance, and support as they navigate the intricacies of developing their startup ideas.

Exciting times ahead!

CEO & Co-Founder at HEX, Jeanette Cheah expressed her excitement about this new venture, stating, "We look forward to this being the very first step in our continued collaboration with the region, working with organisations, such as Cremorne Digital Hub, underscores our commitment to fostering innovation on a global scale."

The Osaka Innovation Program stands as a testament to HEX's dedication to fostering innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship in the Asia Pacific region.

As Japanese students embark on their entrepreneurial journey in Melbourne, HEX's strategic partnership with Innovation Dojo and Cremorne Digital Hub promises a holistic and enriching experience, laying the foundation for future collaborations and advancements in the realm of innovation.

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