December 9, 2021

Implementing The HEX Design Advisory Board?

Jeanette Cheah 🇦🇺🇲🇾🇺🇸
Implementing The HEX Design Advisory Board?

As you may have picked up from @HEX’s recent socials, at the moment the mighty HEX team are busy developing new fully online learning experiences to bring our innovative HEX Ed to vibrant, world-changing life!

Taking this on, we’ve been keen to power collaborative creative thinking with stakeholders about where HEX should be putting our energies, to maximise the impact of HEX Ed on each young person who joins our programs. So, over the past few months our Chief Learning Officer Dr Katy McDevitt has been reaching out to leading experts across industry, education, product and design thinking, to convene a new Design Advisory Board who collectively will form a new brains trust for HEX’s future education strategy.

We are proud to be an education partner of Atlassian Foundation and we’re excited to welcome several talented Atlassian advisers to our crew as well!

Inside the board, we’re collaborating with these excellent folks on gutsy questions like:

  • What do learners really need from education?
  • Where can HEX make a difference to young people’s skills, capabilities and careers through learning?
  • What kinds of innovation and trends should we be getting excited about, why?

Importantly, we’re working with not only leading industry and education gurus, but with students and young people themselves. We’ll be sharing details of our incoming student design advisers very soon, as well as introductions to board members themselves.

We’ll be sharing updates and insights from this group as the board get started with our shared mission, so look out for more updates into early 2022!

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