August 12, 2021

Over $1 Million In Funded Programs

Over $1 Million In Funded Programs

We are unbelievably proud to share that there is over $1,000,000 available in funding for students to attend HEX programs this year. We are blown away by the incredible support of our university partners who continue to believe in the work we do at HEX. With the available funding, we are able to continue to introduce students to entrepreneurship and unlock captive talents in order to create the leaders the world needs.

Learn more about Kengy’s experience with HEX.

Take it from Kengy, a student who recently completed the HEX APAC Virtual Innovation Program where he met entrepreneurs and mentors from different startup ecosystems around the Asia-Pacific region. In two short weeks, he built a startup from ideation into reality and tackled challenges such as prototyping, product validation and pitching. This program was Kengy’s final unit of academic credit to complete his Bachelor of Business - Business Intelligence and Information Systems. He was able to complete this program thanks to the New Colombo Plan (NCP), a government initiative that enables Australian undergraduate students to undertake study and participate in internship/mentorship opportunities. Kengy’s advice to all students considering participating in a HEX program is to simply give it a go.

“I cannot recommend it enough. My circle of connections on LinkedIn grew from 200 to 500 people! It will give you the tools and also the confidence to get into entrepreneurship”.

— Kengy Cariwa, APAC Virtual Innovation Program 2021

Domestic and international students currently have access to over $1,000,000 in university and government grants for upcoming HEX programs! We are excited to see more students, like Kengy, apply for HEX scholarships and accelerate their careers using our programs as a catalyst. If you have ever considered applying for a HEX program, there has never been a better time.

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