November 27, 2023

Port Melbourne Secondary College and HEX partner to transform learning through innovation education

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Port Melbourne Secondary College and HEX partner to transform learning through innovation education

In 2023, HEX, has been thrilled to be one of the first external partners chosen to support Port Melbourne Secondary College (or PMSC for short)’s teachers and students with innovative, industry-led content.

Through our new content licensing arrangement, Port Melbourne Secondary College educators accessed the HEX ‘YOU Unit’ (part of the HEX Education Digital program), which focuses on global leadership skills, authentic values and new economy career mapping.

Assistant Principal, Patricia Sklavakis, said, “We were able to create 100 minutes of classroom teaching time from each HEX module, allowing us to spread the learning across ten weeks of term.”

“Having access to the videos with industry experts has allowed our teachers to ‘zoom in and out’ – introducing students to their expert speakers and then contextualising it for their age group.”

Ease of access was also important to the Port Melbourne Secondary College team. Patricia said, “The platform was easy to navigate to find the information we needed. It was great to stay in control of the classroom experience with the support of HEX’s activities and content.”

Through this partnership, Port Melbourne Secondary College and HEX provided professional development and content empowerment for four classroom educators and educated 92 students in global leadership and exponential intelligence.

A new hub for the Port

Founded in 2022, Port Melbourne Secondary College is a new thriving hub of innovation for the growing local population.

Between the Yarra River and Port Phillip Bay is where the story of Melbourne began. Our first Port. The first point of contact for our city’s first arrivals. A place of sailors and labourers, industry and innovation. And now, the site of Melbourne’s first innovation hub.

At Port Melbourne Secondary College, their mission is to support students to embrace the concepts of exploration, discovery and real-world problem solving.

They encourage students to question everything without fear of failure, knowing that mistakes can lead to new thinking, new ideas and new discoveries.

Led by powerhouse Principal Anne Stout, Port Melbourne Secondary College embeds creative technology, innovation, and design thinking all through the student experience – from Year 7 onwards! Anne Stout said, "HEX will continue to form part of our Core curriculum as students enter their entrepreneurship program, The Incubator, in Year 9."

Want to amplify your innovative learning?

HEX is here to support the future generation by closing the gap between classroom learning with practical skillsets and mindsets. Together, we can present alternative pathways to students' success, whether it is through higher education, entering the workforce or taking a gap year to experience life.

With the HEX Ed program, your students will be able to:

  1. Make better Higher Education choices – We'll give students the context, mentors, and skills to map out a personalised pathway and avoid degree-hopping.
  2. Accelerate to the workplace – We do this by making sure the content they are learning is 100% relevant, transferrable and can be applied today – not theory from a dusty textbook.
  3. Build a career portfolio – By the end of the program, students will have the experience, network and portfolio to unlock their next level, whatever that may be.

And many more that will get them ready for after-school graduation.

If you would like to learn more about the HEX High Accelerator program and establish a similar partnership, reach out to our team today for a chat.

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