May 27, 2024

St Vincent’s College Ashfield empowers students to develop university-level skills and make an impact with HEX

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St Vincent’s College Ashfield empowers students to develop university-level skills and make an impact with HEX

HEX is excited to announce its partnership with St Vincent’s College Ashfield, a K–12 coeducational Catholic systemic school in the Archdiocese of Sydney. This will provide students with the opportunity to complete the HEX High Accelerator program and earn university credits while gaining innovation and entrepreneurial skills. 

Why did St Vincent’s College partner with HEX?

Clara Hall, Leader of Pathways, Partnerships and Entrepreneurship K-12, shared why she chose to partner with HEX, “We believe that the Hex High Accelerator program meets the needs and demands of our student community and embodies our College mission statement “Church to the World”. This helps to equip highschoolers with the necessary mindset and skill set needed in today’s society to make a meaningful impact in our world.”

Clara said “This program will provide students with opportunities to develop a range of skills and Global Capabilities. It will support one of the College’s key values of empowering young people to discover their core strengths and values, so that they may grow and succeed in whatever pathway they choose to pursue in life.”

What is the HEX High Accelerator Program?

Over 6 weeks, St Vincent’s College students will complete HEX’s online innovation course taught by leading Australian innovators. The course covers ideation, market analysis, branding, prototyping, and pitching. Students join weekly online workshops and mentoring sessions to help them complete weekly checkpoints.

Upon submitting all 6 checkpoints and passing the program, students receive a graded Academic Record from the University of Sydney, which can be used to apply for credit at universities worldwide, typically as an elective in most undergraduate degrees.

Want to explore a partnership for your high school?

Want to join leading innovative high schools across Australia, such as St Vincent’s College Ashfield, St Mary's Cathedral College, Hills Grammar, PLC Sydney, Parramatta Marist High School, Our Lady of Mercy College Parramatta and Catherine McAuley Westmead, in the HEX High Accelerator Program? 

Reach out to our team today for a chat.

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