August 26, 2021

Startups And Mental Health: HEX Creating The Change We Want To See

Georgie Northcoat
Startups And Mental Health: HEX Creating The Change We Want To See

Proud founder moment for our CEO, Jeanette Cheah! Late July, she launched the HEX Employee Assistance Program (EAP), providing the growing team with access to free counselling, mental health and wellbeing support.

“I’m stoked to be building a business culture I truly believe in. We’re fully bootstrapped, and have 11 team members. But I believe that if you’re a startup that is built around great people, these services are not ‘nice to have’. They are essential even in the early days.”

Proactive mental health care helps create a psychologically safe workplace that can build a better team culture, strong relationships, appropriate boundaries (important in remote work!) and personal resilience (important in lockdown!). It also challenges the status quo within the startup ecosystem which is notorious for overlooking the health and well being of the team during periods of growth.

Our human-centred team at HEX is talking the talk and walking the walk. And we hope to normalise mental health and wellbeing conversations for the thousands of students and new founders we work with daily.  

AUGUST 26, 2021

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