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HEX Ed Go is designed to equip you with the mindsets, skillsets and toolsets you need to succeed in a constantly evolving world. Whether it be for personal or professional development, We'll teach you how to launch your own epic career and unlock your captive talent so you can create the world in which you want to live in.

HEX ED Go is tailored to fit into your lifestyle, allowing you to learn at your own pace, your own schedule, and from wherever you are. Consider it your secret weapon for success. You can fit it in between studying, working, travelling, gaming, or even catching up on sleep. It's flexible and adaptable to your needs - just the way we like it

And if you want to travel while you learn, our friends at Draper Startup House have 30 locations around the world – designed for digital nomads.

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why you should join hex

In our HEX Ed Go program . . .

Do it your way

Log in whenever you want, wherever you want! Since there is no assessments or grading required, you can learn on your own schedule. Whether that's over the course of 3 months, or binged in a week - you do you.

Unlock skills and mindsets

Our programs are designed to help bring your ideas to life. We will equip you with the mindsets, the skillsets and toolsets, so you can make the future your own.

Futureproof yourself

Give yourself an unfair advantage by learning about relevant and on trend topics. We'll make sure to teach you all that you need to know, so you can stay ahead of the curve.

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What will I learn in HEX Ed Go?

There are five HEX Ed Go units you can choose from.

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Entrepreneurship education for the innovation generation. Get the lowdown on developing a startup, design thinking, UX & UI, market validation, and product design.

Heart - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates


Explore your personal values; unleash your leadership style; develop your public speaking skills, learn about team formation, network building & career mapping.

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Let's talk money!
Lift the lid on how money flows around the world, through different business models, social enterprise, personal finance, and the economic impact of diversity & inclusion.

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Upskill yourself using innovative new technology. You’ll gain industry credentials (including Atlassian Certifications). Learn low-code/no code tools and use workplace software such as Trello, Slack, Notion & more.

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Get inspired with futurist thinking, explore the ethics of tech, future mindsets, learn how tech can make a positive impact on people, society & planet. Our future is in your hands.

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HEX Ed Bundle

Cannot decide? We've got you. Whether you want to learn them all, in 2 or 3 - just let us know and we'll happily enrol you into them.

Oh, it's cheaper as well!

We can guarantee fun.

This is not a 'tedious clicking away' type of course. There are tons of interactions, memes, gifs, short videos and many more to keep you entertained! Discover your HEXfactor today.

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🤔 So, how does it work exactly . . .


Still you, just amplified.

HEX Ed Go will gear you up with everything you need to create your own superpower or what we called, the HEXfactor. You'll end the program knowing that you've got every possible tools available to you for whatever comes next in your future career.


Meet the legends

One of Australia’s biggest tech success stories, Atlassian, has a co-founding team who are famous for using their leadership to influence change. Atlassian has partnered with HEX to upskill more people with the global leadership skills they need for our exponential world

With over 50 mentors across all five HEX Ed Go, rest assure that you'll be joining by the best minds. Meet some of them here!
Josh Farr
Founder @ Campus Consultancy
TEDx speaker • Australian Business Journal's #1 Student Leadership Coach in Aus • Business Advisory Board
Sarah Ju-En Tan
Product Design @ Atlassian
Ex-Google • AR/VR her work has been featured in Adobe, 7NEWS, 9NEWS, ABC, The Australian, SBS and more
Shannon Campbell
Head of Product @ HEX
Serial Startups • Mentor • Strategy • Operations • Doing the right thing, in the right way
Crystal McGregor
Program Lead @ Tech Ready Women Academy
Supporting women to start and scale tech & innovation companies
Jeanette Cheah
CEO & Founder @ HEX
G20 Young Entrepreneurs • Top 100 Innovators List • Building innovation into Higher Education
Samuel Sentongo
Angel Investor @ Startmate
Cyber-security expert and a Senior Product Security Engineer @ Atlassian
Eleanor Smith
Founder @ Neuro Studio
Experience Designer • Facilitator • Educator • Community Builder • Neurodiversity Advocate
Lisa Teh
Serial Entrepreneur
Co-Founder of Mooning • Founder CODI Agency • Co-Founder of Lisnic.com • 40 U 40 Most Influential Asian-Australian • LinkedIn Top Voice
Will Richardson
Managing Partner @ Giant Leap Ventures
Australia's first 100% impact venture capital investment firm. With over 15 years experience in investment management.
Matthew Kwong
Product Manager @ Zeller
Entrepreneur • Startup Mentor • Career Transition Experience • Community Builder @ The Hive • Sales & Marketing
Scott Williamson
Principal Solutions Architect @ Zendesk
Passionate about new tech and supporting the APAC tech eco-system. Strong believer in a growth mindset.
Ben Hansky
Senior Startup Lawyer @ LUNA
Lawyer and strategic advisor working in the startup, NFP and social enterprise sector.

🚀 Alumni outcomes...

Which way will you go?
We stay in touch with all our HEXies. With over 5000 alumni worldwide, our HEXies go on to achieve the career of their dreams a creating changes they want to see in the world.
"HEX Program was the most rewarding experience ever. There were business students, as well as engineering, science, law… people from everywhere. HEX gives you a little one-up in the world and an opportunity to find what you love."
Community Partnerships Manager @ Stone & Chalk | Finalist for the 7NEWS Young Achiever Awards SA
"It all clicked when I found entrepreneurship program like HEX. This was a canvas where I could create the change I wanted to see in the world. HEX is really great at delivering the content in new and exciting ways."
CEO @ Future Minds | Forbes 30 Under 30 | Young Australian of the Year Finalist
"I had taken this significant step with the ambition of becoming self-sustainable and being a pillar of support for my parents, while empowering others like me."
Software Engineer @ SafetyCulture
Winner AFR Top 100 Future Leader
"HEX has taught me the value of resilience and powering through something even though it’s hard. Because by the time you come out at the other end, you may just be rewarded with something unexpected."
Account Manager @ The NPD Group
"I'm not scared of my career anymore."
Corporate Operations Engineer @ Google
"HEX kicked off my career in entrepreneurship, helped me land my first SaaS job, and got me interested in the world of crypto!"
Developer Relations Engineer | Head of Polygon Ecosystem @ Chainstack
"The best thing about this course is that I get to engage with amazing HEX mentor legends. I learnt that sometimes it is not always getting the HD marks that get you to where you want to go but it's simply enjoying your learning journey that makes the experience worthwhile."
Event & Sales Coordinator @ Balgownie Estate Bendigo
"HEX program inspired my passion of data and scalability in order to bring my entrepreneurship and hustle in Australia."
Lead Data Engineer @ The Data Foundry | 5x AWS Certified Cloud and Data Engineer

As featured in...

AFRHerald SunThe AustralianStartup dailySmart CompanyWomen's Agenda

What you'll get in HEX Ed Go

Start your adventure anywhere, anytime. Let's GO!

Develop high-demand skills employers want
HEX have over 50 mentors across multiple industries. Managers, Founders, C-Suites, Hiring Managers, University Mentors and many more who are ready to guide you through your journey. Whether you want to take a gap year, find an internship, tips on interview or enhance your HEXFactor skills - this is the place to be.
A rocking professional resume and mindset
Find the answer to every possible job interview question with a killer experience under your belt. You'll learn how to combat complex scenario in workplace. Discover what path is right for you, making your career more than just a job title.
Immersive community who support your journey
Not everyday you find people who gets you and will support you through your discovery journey. With over 5000+ alumni network, we have connected our HEXies who've gone to create business ventures and become lifelong friends.
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Online chat support
Self-pace learning
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HEX Ed or  Another education provider

Since 2017, HEX is backed by awesome universities in the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. We're handpicked for projects by government agencies like Global Victoria and the City of Melbourne. We hang out and learn from tech giants like Culture Amp, Google, and Zendesk. You can trust us with any directions you want to explore in your career.

HEX ED Features :
Award-winning program off-ramps to alternative careers
Academic Credits with School of Record
Content relevancy updated monthly
Exclusive network access
Get mentor by leaders in their fields
Super-fun global community
Employability focused
Learn your way (online or in-person, onshore or international!)
Non-disruptive learning. Creating the traditional 'job title' pathways
Not eligible or recognised for Academic Credits
Lagging content relevancy
Not providing networking opportunity
Intructor, one-to-many learning style
Intimidating, exclude community
Grad and assessment focused
Classroom base. Boring and outdated lessons

This is your golden ticket to the future

Be the future leader you always destined to be.
With HEX, we bring the industry's exclusivity to you. Our programs are not only designed to enhance your mindset and skills, but we will also connect you to the experience you need to have, the right mentor or maybe, even your future employer.

Anything you need to get you ready to take the next step!


Customer satisfaction


Alumni worldwide




University & industry partners

Frequently asked questions

Do not worry, here are some questions we always get for HEX Ed programs.

How much does the full HEX Ed Go program cost?

Each unit costs AUD$290. Bundle purchase is available through request - please get in touch with us.

How do I enroll for HEX Ed Go? What does the application process entail?

Our application process is designed to be as quick as possible and takes less than 2 minutes. Once you've enrolled and made a payment, you will get instant access to HEX Ed Go right away.

Can I receive academic credit for the program?

For HEX Ed Go, you will not receive academic credit. If you're looking to receive academic credit, please choose HEX Ed Pro instead.

What's the difference between HEX Ed Pro and HEX Ed Go? 

Great question! Here is what's different between the two:
- HEX Ed Go is self-paced, whereas Pro is cohort-driven over 8 weeks
- HEX Ed Go is not assessed and has automatic checkpoints, whereas Pro is assessed and marked
- HEX Ed Go does not allow you to receive academic credit, whereas Pro gives you credit
- HEX Ed Go gives you optional Slack access but no 1:1 mentoring, whereas Pro gives you 1:1 mentoring and access to live & online events
- HEX Ed Go is priced at $290/unit (or, $1450 for 5 units), whereas Pro is priced at $790/unit (or, $3950 for 5 units)

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