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HEX Ed Pro

In just 6 weeks, you'll gain high-demand skills, meet a crew of supportive peers, and increase your professional network beyond your wildest dreams. Stand out from the crowd and skip ahead of your peers with HEX Ed Pro. It's an alternative path to your new career, with the option to roll academic credit over to a uni degree.

Dates: March 4 - April 12, 2024

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Together, we grow.

We know we go further together, so HEX Ed Pro is designed to surround you with generous and helpful mentors, experienced entrepreneurs and techies, and a cohort who'll have your back.

You'll have dedicated weekly tutorials with your cohort, 1:1 access to mentors, speaker sessions & mixers, and optional online and IRL social gatherings.

The details

Cohort #1: Monday 20 March - Friday 12 May 2023
Cohort #2: Monday 28 August - Friday 20 October 2023
Locations: 100% Online with optional in person sessions.

Price: $790 AUD per Unit with scholarships available for eligible students.
Time: Minimum 4 hours per week for self-directed learning and 1-2 hours per week for live sessions and mentoring.

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why you should DO THIS

Is HEX Ed Pro for me?

You're going for an unknown ride. The world has changed, new tech and platforms emerge everyday. And you're left questioning, "what exactly do I want to do?" Well, we're that safe place for you to explore, upskill, and figure it out.

With industry mentoring and support at every step of the way, HEX Ed Pro is perfect for your gap year, deferred semester, extra-curricular learning, or your career transition.

HEX Ed Pro is 100% for you if you are looking to:

Attain skills & mindsets that give you an unfair advantage

Our goal is to make you the most hireable person in the room. We do this by making sure the stuff you're learning is 100% up-to-date, relevant, and can be applied today – not old theory from a dusty textbook.

Earn university credits while exploring an alternative path

You don't have to fall behind academically while gaining life experience. HEX Ed Pro comes with the guarantee of a transcript from a leading Australian university.
Roll it over – or don't. It's your choice!

Create your dream career path, your way

Trust us, we know what it's like to experience FOMO when being forced to choose a degree or a 'job title'. We'll give you the context, mentors, and skills to help you map out your personalised pathway.

Enrol Now

Save over $1000 off your degree.

Take control of your education and set yourself apart in the job market.

Enroll in a HEX Ed Pro program today and jumpstart your career journey, all while saving on university credits. Don't miss out on this opportunity to level up your skills, explore your options, and save money on your education.

What will I learn?

There are five HEX Ed Pro units – you will choose ONE.

All our learning is industry backed, university credit-aligned, and facilitated by the award-winning team at HEX.
Lean into your strengths – or pick something totally different! This is the time to experiment.

Click to reveal the snapshot of each unit.


How well do you really know yourself?

Understand and discover your hidden strength and values. Seek a pathway that really clicks for you. Explore how to maximise your unique skills and leadership style to make the impact you want.

Perfect for:   Gap year students, Career changers, Early-stage startup founders, Social impact explorers, Emerging corporate leaders, Ambitious students – and anyone who isn't afraid to explore their inner self!

Week 1

Cohort kickoff • Understanding yourself • Self in relation to others • Labeling theory • Personal & Professional values • GUTSY values

Week 2

Personality theory & models • Uses & drawbacks of personality models • BIG 5 Personality test • Personality & leadership

Week 3

Mindset & resilience • Leadership models • 4 quadrants of emotional intelligence • Understanding purpose • Subjective well-being • Defining purpose

Week 4

Future of work • Digital nomads & flexible work • Global & cross-cultural working contexts

Week 5

Finding 'your voice' • Presentation tools • Harnessing speaking anxiety • Speaking tips

Week 6

Communication skills • Verbal communication • Digital communication • Making the most of your communication style

Week 7

Understanding & presenting your personal brand • Building a professional portfolio • Strategies for networking

Week 8

Wrap up the Unit by creating personal & professional goals to guide you now and in the future


The art of bringing something new to life.

Learn the most in-demand skills on the market. Discover how entrepreneurs and corporate innovators ideate, prototype, and assess opportunities. Stretch your creative mindset and take an idea from zero to one.

Perfect for:  Idea or early-stage founders, Gap year students, Curious side-hustlers, Digital nomads, Researchers/Techies who need business skills, Career changers – and anyone interested in startups and wanting to level up their innovative mindset.

Week 1

What is innovation • Founder’s mindset • Brainstorming ideas effectively

Week 2

Customer segmentation & personas • Market research process • Industry & competitor analysis

Week 3

Value proposition mapping • Points of parity vs Points of difference • Types of business structures • Business model canvas

Week 4

Funding models • Revenue and cost structure • Ways to fund your idea •The lean innovation cycle

Week 5

Rapid prototyping • User stories & acceptance criteria • Designing a working prototype: MVP • Paper prototyping

Week 6

Branding & logo • Marketing channels • Digital marketing plan

Week 7

Building a startup pitch deck • Creating a compelling story • Marketing yourself • Communicating with impact • Knowing your audience•

Week 8

Finish up the Unit by delivering a confident, customer-focused business pitch that engages and persuades the audience


All the stuff they didn't teach you at school? We've got it right here.

Reflect upon your personal and financial values. Explore how business cycles and economic trends impact human life. Learn your money mindsets and take more control. Discover trends in the future of money, like crypto, NFTs, Universal Basic Income and alternative currencies.

Perfect for:  Gap year students, Recent graduates, Early career professionals, and anyone looking to create an abundance relationship with their finances.

Week 1

The history of money •Living with money • Wealth distribution through time •
Money for power & influence

Week 2

Incentives in the marketplace • Greed and self-interest • Purchasing power and Production • When Politics meets Economics

Week 3

Complex economics made simple • The world of Capital
• WTF is GDP? • Jargon breakdown • Creating change

Week 4

Money in the digital age • The global economy • Predicting the future of money

Week 5

Wealth, health and happiness
• Money ambition and habits
• The ethics of money

Week 6

Personal finance power •
Managing your wealth • Taxes, investments and budgets, oh my!

Week 7

Money & work • Negotiating your pay and other benefits • How you could make money in your sleep

Week 8

Finish off the Unit by learning how Money could help you join, build or run a business.


It's so much more than coding, we promise.

Explore the world of Tech – the history, the players, the companies, the jobs, the trends. Learn new digital skills in UI/UX design, AI, video, cyber security and the Agile methodology. Reflect on the ethics of the sector. Discover how to use the power of Tech to create change.

Perfect for:  Gap year students, Graduates, 'Business' or 'Creative' types that want to boost their Tech fluency. (Honestly, this Unit should be mandatory for anyone in today's workforce.)

Week 1

Humans as a technological species • Early and modern revolutions • The rise of computers and digital tech

Week 2

The world of tech • How new tech is brought to life • Navigating the ever-changing  environment • Tech's biggest players (Google, Meta, Apple, Atlassian & friends)

Week 3

Beyond coding - Careers in tech that you've never heard about • Gain a digital skill certificate from a large tech company

Week 4

Skills to pay the bills • Soft skills like teamwork • Hard skills like web design • Process skills like Agile

Week 5

Flexing with new apps and software • The world of hardware • Tech in a physical world • Tech for building community and social media

Week 6

Develop relevant tech capabilities such as problem framing, ideation, requirements gathering, and finding solution.

Week 7

Security in a brave new world • An AI future • Digital health and wellbeing • Ethics and diverse representation in Tech

Week 8

Finish up the Unit by completing a real-world, professionally assessed tech challenge in either cyber security or tech ethics.


Ready to save the world? Thought so.

Learn how to think like a futurist and predict cultural trends. Trace the connection between pop-culture, tech, people, planet and society. Unlock your influencing power to design the future and influence change, today.

Perfect for:  Emerging leaders, Career changers, Gap year students, Social activists, Change makers – and anyone who wants to look into the world of endless possibilities.

Week 1

Futurist models and mindsets.
Human stories from past, present and future. You as a temporal being.

Week 2

The phases, function and future of culture. The role of art, tech, and entertainment.
Pop-culture in real life.

Week 3

Ethics in a changing world.
Classic ethical dilemmas.
Contemporary challenges.
The role of changemakers.

Week 4

Futurist ethics in business and politics. Who gets to choose what we care about?

Week 5

You, Us and The System. Leadership scenarios. Your identity as a future leader.

Week 6

How to research the future.
Problem solving with futurist mindset.

Week 7

Influencing the future.
The art of good rhetoric.
Using media to communicate new ideas.

Week 8

Finish this Unit by developing a trends-based vision for the future for your chosen organisation, and 'sell' it to them to influence change.
What you learn

Learn about concept ideation, startup mentality, funding & finance, market research & validation, startup culture and tours plus an intro to branding and marketing.

What you learn

Learn about growth hacking, pitching 101, UI and prototyping, product design, financial modelling, tech tours and finally your pitches to investors, CEOs and government legends.

What you learn

Learn about growth hacking, pitching 101, UI and prototyping, product design, financial modelling, tech tours and finally your pitches to investors, CEOs and government legends.


Still you, just amplified.

When you complete HEX Ed Pro, you'll emerge with:

High-demand skills employers want
An answer to every possible job interview question
A rocking professional portfolio
The option to get a whole subject's credit from your Uni, and
A network that will have your back as you grow

Best of all, you'll have more confidence in your unique value, know what lights you up, and have a clearer path to your future.


🤔 So, how does it work exactly . . .


Meet your program legends

One of Australia’s biggest tech success stories, Atlassian, has a co-founding team who are famous for using their leadership to influence change. Atlassian has partnered with HEX to upskill more people with the global leadership skills they need for our exponential world.

With over 50 mentors across all five HEX Ed Pro Units, rest assured that you'll be joined by the best minds. Meet some of them here!
Josh Farr
Founder @ Campus Consultancy
TEDx speaker • Australian Business Journal's #1 Student Leadership Coach in Aus • Business Advisory Board
Sarah Ju-En Tan
Product Design @ Atlassian
Ex-Google • AR/VR her work has been featured in Adobe, 7NEWS, 9NEWS, ABC, The Australian, SBS and more
Shannon Campbell
Head of Product @ HEX
Serial Startups • Mentor • Strategy • Operations • Doing the right thing, in the right way
Crystal McGregor
Program Lead @ Tech Ready Women Academy
Supporting women to start and scale tech & innovation companies
Jeanette Cheah
CEO & Founder @ HEX
G20 Young Entrepreneurs • Top 100 Innovators List • Building innovation into Higher Education
Samuel Sentongo
Angel Investor @ Startmate
Cyber-security expert and a Senior Product Security Engineer @ Atlassian
Eleanor Smith
Founder @ Neuro Studio
Experience Designer • Facilitator • Educator • Community Builder • Neurodiversity Advocate
Lisa Teh
Serial Entrepreneur
Co-Founder of Mooning • Founder CODI Agency • Co-Founder of • 40 U 40 Most Influential Asian-Australian • LinkedIn Top Voice
Will Richardson
Managing Partner @ Giant Leap Ventures
Australia's first 100% impact venture capital investment firm. With over 15 years experience in investment management.
Matthew Kwong
Product Manager @ Zeller
Entrepreneur • Startup Mentor • Career Transition Experience • Community Builder @ The Hive • Sales & Marketing
Scott Williamson
Principal Solutions Architect @ Zendesk
Passionate about new tech and supporting the APAC tech eco-system. Strong believer in a growth mindset.
Ben Hansky
Senior Startup Lawyer @ LUNA
Lawyer and strategic advisor working in the startup, NFP and social enterprise sector.

🚀 Alumni outcomes...

This could be you!
We stay in touch with all our HEXies. With over 5000 alumni worldwide, our HEXies go on to achieve the career of their dreams and creating change they want to see in the world.
"HEX Program was the most rewarding experience ever. There were business students, as well as engineering, science, law… people from everywhere. HEX gives you a little one-up in the world and an opportunity to find what you love."
Community Partnerships Manager @ Stone & Chalk | Finalist for the 7NEWS Young Achiever Awards SA
"It all clicked when I found entrepreneurship program like HEX. This was a canvas where I could create the change I wanted to see in the world. HEX is really great at delivering the content in new and exciting ways."
CEO @ Future Minds | Forbes 30 Under 30 | Young Australian of the Year Finalist
"I had taken this significant step with the ambition of becoming self-sustainable and being a pillar of support for my parents, while empowering others like me."
Software Engineer @ SafetyCulture
Winner AFR Top 100 Future Leader
"HEX has taught me the value of resilience and powering through something even though it’s hard. Because by the time you come out at the other end, you may just be rewarded with something unexpected."
Account Manager @ The NPD Group
"I'm not scared of my career anymore."
Corporate Operations Engineer @ Google
"HEX kicked off my career in entrepreneurship, helped me land my first SaaS job, and got me interested in the world of crypto!"
Developer Relations Engineer | Head of Polygon Ecosystem @ Chainstack
"The best thing about this course is that I get to engage with amazing HEX mentor legends. I learnt that sometimes it is not always getting the HD marks that get you to where you want to go but it's simply enjoying your learning journey that makes the experience worthwhile."
Event & Sales Coordinator @ Balgownie Estate Bendigo
"HEX program inspired my passion of data and scalability in order to bring my entrepreneurship and hustle in Australia."
Lead Data Engineer @ The Data Foundry | 5x AWS Certified Cloud and Data Engineer

As featured in...

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What you'll get in HEX Ed Pro

All 5 units will start at the same time. You'll have a dedicated Unit cohort, and a broader "Class of 2023" cohort.

Cohort #1  : Monday 20 March - Friday 12 May 2023 [Closed]
Cohort #2  : Monday 28 August - Friday 20 October 2023

Exclusive access to mentors!
HEX has over 50 mentors across multiple industries. Managers, Founders, C-Suites, Hiring Managers, University Mentors and many more who are ready to guide you through your journey. Whether you want to take a gap year, find an internship, tips on interview or enhance your HEXFactor skills - this is the place to be.
Learn & earn university credits
HEX is the first and only alternative online course that is recognised by some of the leading Universities around the world. With School of Records, you will be able to get a global transcript that is valid at any University, worldwide! (This could save you over $1500 comparing to normal cost for a course unit)
Immersive community who supports your journey
It's not everyday that you find people who get you and will support you through your discovery journey. With a network of over 5000+ alumni, you'll be connected and become lifelong friends with HEXies who've gone to make a real change in the world.
Enrolment is open!
Program dates: March 4 - April 2024

HEX Ed Pro

Unlock your career advantage - Save over $500 on your education with HEX Ed Pro and help you get ready for any career pathway you have in mind.
Everything you ever needed for your future plus more.
$800 off HEX Int programs
Academic credits
Cohort workshops & portal
Access to HEX partner club
Weekly check ins
Networking and events
1-1 Coaching
Future career resources
Online chat support
Graduation ceremony
Enrol Now

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Graduate online or in Bali

Once you've completed your HEX Ed Pro program, you will also get a graduation ceremony, fitting for the next future leader like yourself. It is a part of your program and is 100% remote, so everyone in your cohort can join.

And if you need more than the online graduation ceremony, how about doing it in Bali? Meet your cohort in person and celebrate with your tribe. Join the leadership program or take a break - your ceremony, your way.


HEX Ed or  Other education providers

Since 2017, HEX is backed by awesome universities in the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia. We're handpicked for projects by government agencies like Global Victoria and the City of Melbourne. We hang out and learn from tech giants like Culture Amp, Google, and Zendesk. You can trust us with any directions you want to take your career in.

HEX ED Features :
Award-winning program with off-ramps to alternative careers
Academic Credits with School of Records
Content relevancy updated monthly
Exclusive network access
Get mentored by leaders in their fields
Super-fun global community
Employability focused
Learn your way (online or in-person, onshore or international!)
Non-disruptive learning. Creating the traditional career pathways
Not eligible or recognised for Academic Credits
Lagging content relevancy
Not providing networking opportunity
Intructor, one-to-many learning style
Intimidating, excludes community
Graduation and assessment focused
Classroom based. Boring and outdated lessons

This is your golden ticket to the future

You're invited to create the pathway of your dream.
With HEX, we bring the industry's exclusivity to you. Our programs are not only designed to enhance your mindset and skills, but we also connect you to the experience you need, the right mentor or, maybe even your future employer.

Anything you need to get you ready to take the next step!


Customer satisfaction


Alumni worldwide




University & industry partners

Frequently asked questions

Do not worry, here are some questions we always get for our program.

How much does HEX Ed Pro cost?

The HEX Ed Pro costs AUD$ 1190 per Unit (you can pick one out of five HEX Units available). Bundle deals are also available upon request.
You might also be eligible for funding if you are at university. View our list of current available funding here.

Can I claim HEX Ed Pro on self-education expenses tax?

This is NOT a financial or tax advice. We recommend speak to an accountant or do your own research on this.

Information from You can claim a deduction for self-education expenses if the education relates to your employment activities.

You can claim a deduction for a self-education expense on HEX Ed Pro program if, at the time you incur the expense, it has a sufficient connection to earning income from your employment activities.

Self-education has a sufficient connection to earning your employment income if it either:
- maintains or improves the specific skills or knowledge you require in your employment activities
- results in, or is likely to result in, an increase in your income from your employment activities.

Your employment activities are the duties and tasks expected of you to perform your job and are usually set out in your duty statement.

Are there any additional funding opportunities for HEX Ed Pro program?

We have over $1 million AUD in funding from various universities who are able to sponsor or subsidise your program cost.  View our list of current available funding here.

How do I enroll for HEX Ed Pro? What does the application process entail?

Our application process is designed to be as quick as possible and takes less than 2 minutes. HEX Ed Pro works like a school term - you can join anytime prior to the application close date and you'll start on the kickoff date. Scroll up to see our 'step-by-step' section to learn more.

Okay so overall you just get a Pass or Fail for the HEX Ed Pro program? (Plus you get feedback from the assessors?)

Yes! As HEX, we only care about P/F for the course!

However, if you are taking HEX Ed Pro as an elective, we need to consider your University's requirements. Most Universities are happy with Pass/Fail, but if yours need a number grade, we can easily provide it.

What are the assessments like?

We don't believe in exams, so assessments (which we call checkpoints) have been designed to be practical so we can equip you with the right mindset, skillset, and toolset!

Our checkpoints, regardless of the unit,  can range from reflective or research focussed (i.e. asking you a series of questions so you can explore your relationship/attitude/behavior with money and set some financial goals), and others will be practical (i.e. creating a business plan or completing a business case project).

Each checkpoint will be graded by our team of assessors, so you will get feedback as you progress through the course. Checkpoints are a hurdle requirement and are graded in P/F. You will be required to submit all checkpoints within the program dates in order to receive your credit. (That's about 5-6 checkpoints in 9 weeks ish.)

Can I receive academic credit for the HEX Ed Pro program?

Yes! HEX Ed Pro comes with a global transcript from an Australian university, however you'll need to check with your own university about how much credit you can get, and which subjects you can get it for. We recommend you get in touch with our team at, who will be able to help you navigate this with your course advisor.

The dates don't suit me. What do I do? 

This can happen! If you have any suggestions of when is a better time for you and why, let us know at Or, if you're okay with no academic credit, join HEX Ed Go instead so you can have a completely asynchronous and self-paced experience!

What if I cannot finish the HEX Ed Pro program within 8 weeks?

That's the beauty of HEX Ed Pro, you will not get left behind! We are moving as one unit. We've got you.

Can I enrol into multiple units on HEX Ed Pro?

Short answer: Yes. However, as you will be working across multiple cohorts, we just have to make sure that you will be able to catch up with the course flow. Get in touch with our team at to see what we can do!

Will I get a discount if I enrol into more than one HEX Ed Pro Unit?

Yes! As part of the HEX Ed Pro promise, you will receive 20% off any of HEX programs including HEX International.

What's the difference between HEX Ed Pro and HEX Ed Go? 

Great question! Here is what's different between the two: 
- HEX Ed Go is self-paced, whereas Pro is cohort-driven over 8 weeks
- HEX Ed Go is not assessed and has automatic checkpoints, whereas Pro is assessed and marked
- HEX Ed Go does not allow you to receive academic credit, whereas Pro gives you credit
- HEX Ed Go gives you optional Slack access but no 1:1 mentoring, whereas Pro gives you 1:1 mentoring and access to live & online events
- HEX Ed Go is priced at $290/unit (or, $1450 for 5 units), whereas Pro is priced at $790/unit (or, $3950 for 5 units)

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