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$490 USD


Academic credit


Learn from anywhere

A gap year program co-designed with students and the legends at Atlassian

One of Australia’s biggest tech success stories, valued at over $100bn USD, Atlassian is seen as a top employer and a pioneer in using business to do global good.

The Atlassian Foundation is helping to educate 10 million disadvantaged youth within 10 years - preparing them for the workforce of the future.

Atlassian has partnered with HEX to accelerate the pace at which students learn the skills they need for a fast-changing world. And the accessible price point of HEX Ed helps make tech-focused higher education more accessible to millions.

Through this entrepreneurship gap year / summer program for high school students and graduates, HEX Ed students can access Atlassian mentors, insights, and career support


HEX is an amazing place where people go in students and come out champions! Their program not only imparted skills but transformed my way of thinking to the possibilities of tech to help solve human problems.

Research Assistant @ University of London

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The Units

HEX Ed has Five Core Units -- Innovation, You, Tech, Money, and Future


Get the lowdown on launching a startup, design thinking, intro to UX, UI & Figma, market validation and product design.


Explore your personal values; unleash your leadership style; upskill in public speaking, team formation, network building & career mapping.


You’ll gain industry credentials (including Atlassian Certifications); learn low-code / no code tools like Bubble; and use workplace software such as Trello, Slack, Notion & more.


Lift the lid on how money flows around the world, through different business models, social enterprise, personal finance, and the economic impact of diversity & inclusion.


Get inspired with futurist thinking, explore the ethics of tech, future mindsets, learn how tech can make a positive impact on people, society & planet.

How does it work?

You’re in control. Otherwise known as ‘async’, simply log in to our entrepreneurship program whenever you do your best work – whether that’s at 3am or during the daylight.

Take your time. Or not. Each Unit can be leisurely completed over a month… (or crammed into the last few days? We see you, adrenaline junkies…)

Flexible, to suit your gap year. Taking a break? You can do HEX Ed while bartending, travelling, gaming, or just catching up on sleep. It’s the perfect gap year program.

Cohort vibes. It's dangerous to go alone. So you'll join a cohort of legends from around the world, and the HEX team will facilitate key sessions, live.

Live mentor hours and events. Access mentors, join social activities, browse job ops and network like a boss on our community platform, HEX World.

Oh, and no exams. Ever.

Payment PLANS

Pay monthly with ZeeFi

Study Pay by ZeeFi can provide payment plans for Australia-based students and we’ve had many students take up this awesome option to support their HEX program participation.

Students who wish to take advantage of Study Pay must meet the following criteria:

1) Based in Australia
2) 18 years or older
3) Accepted into an approved HEX program

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Funding Available For

Griffith University
University of Wollongong
Western Sydney University
RMIT University
Torrens University Australia
University of Technology Sydney
Cardiff University
United Kingdom

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