June 9, 2023

Camberwell Girls Grammar School chooses Melbourne EdTech 'HEX' to prepare their students' futures.

Jeanette Cheah 🇦🇺🇲🇾🇺🇸
Camberwell Girls Grammar School chooses Melbourne EdTech 'HEX' to prepare their students' futures.

After working in the higher education sector since 2017, HEX has not only transitioned our immersive, transformational programs to a highly engaging digital program, but we've also created it to work in high schools. 

The rapidly changing environment means that we have to rise to the challenge to think about how we can design education differently and create learning that drives Exponential Intelligence (eXQ), the mindset, skillsets and toolsets that are needed for every future knowledge worker. It's exciting that this new way of learning guides our product & programs. 

And this is how we are doing it... with cake. 🍰

Soft Launch for HEX x CGGS (from left to right): Nathan Lee, Charles Perelini, Jeanette Cheah, Julia Tai, Shirley Pham, Jaclyn Benstead, Summer Howarth & Debbie Dunwoody.

How will HEX support Camberwell Girls Grammar School?

We're excited to empower educators with the kind of content, facilitator guides and confidence to bring new economy education into their classrooms — everything from global leadership to futurist trend scanning technology, tech fluency, entrepreneurship and innovation skills. We are excited to help educators make this connection into the industry. 

They can also help their high school students get ahead with potential university credits attached to HEX programs. Essentially, the students will attain 4-mini degrees throughout their high school journey, from Innovation, Money, Tech & Future units.

Image: CGGS Student Pathways with HEX

What is HEX Ed? 

HEX Ed is a new digital platform and content experience that can be modularised and plugged into the curriculum at high schools and tertiary providers. We're eager to see educators and enterprising educators partner with us not to outsource this work but lean on us and collaborate so that together we can help bring the best education to students.

Young people care deeply about others and our highly complex world. As educators we have the responsibility to help them develop the mindsets and skillsets needed to be human-centred and agile leaders who can harness opportunities, many of which will be enabled by technology to innovate.Our partnership with HEX brings a world of possibilities to our students. Led by Jeanette Cheah, and facilitated by role models who are industry mentors, start-up founders, technologists and social impact leaders, student learning is relevant, dynamic and impactful. With such a great values alignment of both organisations, our students are developing their personal skills, leadership mindset and the transferable skills needed to innovate for our collective future.

Debbie Dunwoody, Principal at Camberwell Girls Grammar School

Why Camberwell Girls Grammar School? 

When we launched the partnership with Camberwell, one student stood up and asked us why we chose Camberwell as one of our first high school partners and one of the most important flagship partners, and I said there were three key reasons, the number one being leadership. We are excited about working with the leadership at Camberwell, including Debbie Dunwoody and her team, who have shown themselves to be forward-thinking and innovative whilst understanding the needs of the future generation.

Number two was collaboration and co-design. We have been pleasantly surprised and thrilled at all the Camberwell educators who have welcomed HEX into the world. They shared insights about their student personas and willingness to co-design this exciting new learning journey with us, with the students at the forefront.

The third reason is that we are passionate about increasing the representation of women in business and technology. Shifting the conversation away from what past leadership looked like and choosing to encourage and empower this cohort of innovators to take space in whatever industry, role or environment they choose to operate in. 

What better way to start them than with a girl's school with many bright young minds who will become our future leaders!

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