February 23, 2024

Creativity Unleashed: HEX's Unforgettable Week with Innovation DOJO Japan in Melbourne!

Grace Achi 🇹🇭
Creativity Unleashed: HEX's Unforgettable Week with Innovation DOJO Japan in Melbourne!

What defines your 'proud moment'?

Is it when your hard work is acknowledged by the industry? Maybe it's the time you realise you've made an impact on the world. Or hey, could it just be the very moment you bravely take that step out of your comfort zone, exploring a new country with a bunch of strangers?


Welcoming our founders to Melbourne.


In a cross-cultural exchange that transcended boundaries, HEX and Cremorne Digital Hub recently hosted the dynamic Innovation DOJO Japan team in the vibrant city of Melbourne as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Program.

This immersive 5-day experience wasn't just about exploring the city's innovative landscape; it became a transformative journey, weaving threads of inspiration and growth beyond the familiar landscapes of Japan for the selected founders.


Week in Review: Empowering Tomorrow's Innovators:

As the landscape of professional growth shifts, budding entrepreneurs' transformative experiences serve as a guiding light in the journey from education to career.

Our founders kicked off with an immersive startup ecosystem tour, sparking innovative ideas. This leads to a highly interactive brainstorming workshop, facilitated by industry experts, encouraging collaborative thinking and transforming concepts into tangible business ideas. 

Demo Day, the climax of their efforts, wasn't merely about presenting ideas; it symbolised the students' first collective venture outside Japan. This experience encapsulated the essence of networking, forging new friendships, and stepping out of comfort zones—an integral part of their entrepreneurial odyssey.


Navigating Unfamiliar Territory:

As the curtain fell on Demo Day, the lingering energy and transformative ideas set the stage for these budding entrepreneurs to carve their path in the dynamic landscape of innovation.

While these students navigated through a foreign setting, engaged in international collaborations, and presented their innovative ideas to a global audience, they encountered challenges that compelled them to grow both personally and professionally.

Overcoming linguistic, cultural, and contextual differences, they discovered their resilience and adaptability—essential traits for anyone aiming to thrive in the global landscape of innovation.


Our founders pitching on the Demo Day.

Insights from the Innovators:

The insights shared by the innovators themselves resonate deeply with the essence of proud moments. The CEO of Cremorne Digital Hub emphasised the significance of an innovative mindset, underlining its pivotal role in shaping entrepreneurial journeys. This sentiment echoed in the words of the CEO of Innovation Dojo, reinforcing the idea that ordinary individuals possess the potential to make an extraordinary impact.

CEO of Cremorne Digital Hub
Founder and CEO of Innovation Dojo

In this meeting of diverse cultures and ideas, the Innovation DOJO Japan team gleaned priceless insights, nurturing both personal and professional growth. As they continue to stride boldly beyond comfort zones, deliver pitches brimming with determination, and weave bonds across borders, these moments form the epic narrative of their proud journey.


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