January 27, 2024

HEX and Atlassian Foundation: A Continuing Partnership for Impactful Education

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HEX and Atlassian Foundation: A Continuing Partnership for Impactful Education

Exciting news is on the horizon as HEX proudly announces the continuation of its partnership with the Atlassian Foundation into 2024 and beyond.

The collaborative efforts between HEX and the Atlassian Foundation have already made significant strides in supporting underrepresented students and fostering community engagement. With a renewed commitment, the Atlassian Foundation is set to deepen its relationships with education providers, recognising the value HEX brings to future education.

A Shared Vision:

The Atlassian Foundation acknowledges the unique contributions of HEX in providing community support and education to underserved students.

Steve King, Foundation Director from the Atlassian Foundation expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "We are excited to see where this partnership goes. The Foundation is keen to explore new avenues for Atlassian team members to volunteer their knowledge and networks, supporting the next generation.”, King praised HEX for our open-minded approach in sharing knowledge and insights.

Pledge 1% Commitment:

The Atlassian Foundation's commitment to the Pledge 1% initiative since day one is a testament to the company's values. The initiative, championed by Scott Farquhar in 2018, deeply inspired HEX, leading to a commitment to embed impact into the company's DNA. The ongoing support from Atlassian team members demonstrates a full-circle moment, with the generosity of knowledge and resources contributing to HEX' mission and the success of the students they work with.

Atlassian team members helping out at HEX event.

Empowering Alumni:

HEX takes pride in the impact of its partnership, witnessing multiple alumni who have gone on to work at Atlassian. These alumni not only contribute to the tech economy but also carry forward the skills gained through HEX programs. The symbiotic relationship between HEX and Atlassian has become a model for how industry collaboration can positively influence education and career pathways.

HEX Alumni goes on to work at Atlassian.

Scholarships and Impact Partners:

The Atlassian funding and the extended partnership will pave the way for HEX to issue a significant number of scholarships in 2024. While the exact number is yet to be determined, the commitment is clear – to empower students on their educational journey.

HEX has identified key impact partners, including the Skyline Foundation, the Creative Co-Operative, and the Microsoft Coding Initiative, where scholarships will make a meaningful difference.

What’s Next:

As HEX and the Atlassian Foundation embark on this continued journey, the focus remains on making a lasting impact in education and community support. The shared values, commitment to volunteering, and dedication to empowering the next generation showcase the potential for transformative change.

This ongoing partnership serves as a beacon of inspiration, demonstrating how collaboration between the private sector and educational organisations can create meaningful opportunities and shape the future for underrepresented students.

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