November 12, 2022

HEX International: Expect the Unexpected

HEX International: Expect the Unexpected

When joining a HEX International Singapore program, I want to mentally prepare you – expect the unexpected, repeatedly, in those 2 weeks!
Waterfalls in airports. Kayaking around shopping malls. A boat on skyscrapers.

Singapore is truly a place of miracles. There was not one day I spent there that I wasn’t surprised about something new.

Google. Zendesk. KPMG. Abillion. Small or large-scale businesses. Founders. CEOs. CFOs. CMOs. C you there!

Tours, guest speakers, classes. The HEX program will genuinely blow your mind daily in this two-week intensive program.

When I went to Singapore to join the HEX program, I didn’t know what to expect. I went there and was super nervous. Not only was it my first time in Singapore joining an entrepreneurial and career program, but it was also my first time in Asia!

I was only in contact with one HEX mentor in advance, so I didn’t know what to expect. But this one HEX mentor already went out of their way to make me feel welcome and at home on the first day. I couldn’t be more grateful for the friendships I made along the way. The environment was comfortable and exciting whether they were Hex mentors or other students.

The accommodation was clean and comfortable, although we didn’t spend much time there. Every free minute in-between activities were used from the first day to explore Singapore, while the exercises and workshops kept our brains working. I always imagined myself with smoke coming out of my ears because my mind was churning like crazy. But don’t worry – there are loads of breaks and plenty of Singaporean snacks to try! (tip: try Kaya Toast – heavenly unhealthy, and a happy-maker in tough times)

Singapore’s truly innovative. Don’t be afraid to go without preparation – you will not be disappointed. Hex and Singapore will bring you up to speed. No need to fright; get a flight!

My experience in a nutshell: Work hard in a fun environment. Develop your future goals. Work towards your dreams.

The bigger, the better! No idea is stupid; nothing is out of reach, and (nearly) everything is possible. Truly trust your advisors. Don’t ever doubt yourself again because Hex members will HYPE YOU UP! Have fun and make life-long memories with some of your best friends ever.

You in? Apply will not regret it!

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