April 4, 2024

Innovating Education: HEX Partners with Pagoda Projects to Bring Forth the Experiential Learning

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Innovating Education: HEX Partners with Pagoda Projects to Bring Forth the Experiential Learning

We are thrilled to announce a partnership between HEX, the leading provider of transformative educational experiences, and Pagoda Projects, a renowned UK-based provider of international internships and global experiences.

Together, we are set to revolutionise opportunities for students seeking enriching international experiences and professional growth.

"Pagoda and HEX are very much aligned in our shared goal of continuously finding new and innovative ways to improve the experiences of our students and educational partners. It benefits all when reputable providers coordinate, so we are especially excited to be working with the HEX team and are looking forward to the fantastic opportunities that will emerge as a result." - Paul Bailey, Pagoda's Head of Partnerships.

“As a former study abroad director at universities, I’ve known about Pagoda Projects for years, and I’m so excited for the opportunity for HEX to be the for-credit ‘Expansion pack’ to Pagoda experiences, as well as have HEXies on-ramp into internships in Asia.” – Christopher Hoffman, CGO and Co-Founder of HEX excitedly shared.

Expansion to the UK Market

With their extensive network of universities across the UK and expanding presence in Australia, Pagoda Projects is well-positioned to promote HEX programs effectively, driving alternative learning and fostering student success.

Pagoda in turn offers award-winning internships and global experiences, opening up new possibilities for WIL programmes and exciting in-person and virtual locations for HEX partners.  

Integration of HEX Ed Pro and Digital Learning

As part of this collaboration, Pagoda Projects and HEX will have the opportunity to seamlessly incorporate mutually complementary offerings, providing additional program options either in exclusivity or collectively. One such example would be the addition of a HEX Ed Pro course prior to embarking upon a full or part-time internship.

HEX Ed offers a wealth of advantages, including advanced networking opportunities, professional development resources, and personalised mentorship through industry-leading companies.

In essence, our partnership with Pagoda Projects marks a significant milestone in our shared mission to empower students worldwide through transformative educational experiences.

Together, we will unlock new pathways to success, bridging the gap between education and industry and empowering students to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we embark on this journey together!

About Pagoda Projects

Pagoda Projects works with universities and government bodies to embed internships and global experiences into universities’ curricula and global mobility strategies. Pagoda’s award-winning internships and short-form programmes take place online and in-person across a range of global destinations: Amsterdam, Brussels, Manchester, Madrid, Lisbon, Mexico City, Chengdu, Taipei, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. As a certified B Corp, Pagoda makes every effort to protect the environment, minimise its carbon footprint and embed carbon-consciousness into its programmes.

Looking to join forces? Contact us here.

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