August 26, 2021

Jack's APAC Discovery Program Experience

Jack's APAC Discovery Program Experience

Jack, an IT student at James Cook University (JCU), recently completed the APAC Discovery Program and became part of our alumni network (now on HEX World). His program was funded by the New Colombo Plan, and supported by JCU.

We’re chuffed that Jack managed to extract so much value from the jam-packed 2-week schedule.

"I learnt so much from those quick two weeks and I loved every bit of it.

We explored and experienced a variety of different countries from the Asia-Pacific region, such as Indonesia, India, New Zealand, Singapore and more!

I really enjoyed meeting all the new people from different areas of the world and learning more about the place they call home.

The whole program was well structured and very engaging. There wasn't a bland moment within the course, and I thoroughly enjoyed it throughout.

The connections that I made during the HEX program will be very important to my future growth and I honestly feel like I learnt and experienced more skills and people than I have during some of my courses.

I can't express how much HEX has supported me and given me a greater interest in entrepreneurship and start-up culture.

Overall, I think that anyone who takes part in this program will gain a vast amount of knowledge and experience that they can put into practical use."

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