June 25, 2024

Norwood International and HEX partner to nurture students’ innovation skills while earning university credit

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Norwood International and HEX partner to nurture students’ innovation skills while earning university credit

We are excited to announce a new collaboration between HEX and Norwood International High School, a vibrant, progressive learning community with 1700 students from diverse cultural backgrounds, located in the foothills of eastern Adelaide. 

Norwood International is an innovative, forward-thinking school who are looking for ways to disrupt the established ways of working, always with students at the centre.

The school's goals for this program are to be able to offer their students some of the best opportunities in the world. Norwood International High School wants to amplify the curiosity and compassion of our students so that they help shape a better world.

As an IB school, Norwood International will be linking the HEX High Accelerator program to the Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) component of the Diploma Programme (DP). The DP coordinator at the school shares why, “CAS is all about thinking creatively, flexibly, developing yourself and making the world a better place. We think this program gives our students the space to really develop amazing skills at a deep level and to have those skills recognised.”

The HEX High Accelerator Program is a 6-week, online cohort innovation program for high school students with industry instructors from companies like Google, industry mentors from companies like Atlassian and university credit from the University of Sydney. It has also been recognised to contribute to the SACE and ATAR as a 10-credit Stage 2 subject. 

Want to explore a partnership for your high school?

If you’re an education provider looking to establish a similar partnership, chat with our team today.

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