February 1, 2024

St Mary's Cathedral College teams up with HEX for their university-accredited innovation program

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St Mary's Cathedral College teams up with HEX for their university-accredited innovation program

We are thrilled to announce HEX has partnered with St Mary's Cathedral College, one of Australia’s oldest schools which has been providing exceptional education to their students for 200 years.

St Mary’s Cathedral College students will participate in the HEX High Accelerator Program during Term 1, 2024 and provide 'university level' learning for students who are passionate about upskilling in authentic leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Ashley Norman, Leader of Pathways and Partnerships at St Mary’s Cathedral college shared the school's enthusiasm saying, 

"Our goal is to foster adaptable, principled leaders by embracing an educational approach that enables the application of knowledge to genuine, practical scenarios. We aim to develop nurturing, independent, innovative, and analytical thinkers who grasp their role as learners and understand their learning process."

In alignment with HEX’s mission and values, St Mary's Cathedral College is dedicated to providing students with opportunities that prepare them for success in a rapidly changing world. 

Norman emphasises, "The school is constantly seeking out opportunities for our students that help develop the skills, knowledge, and competencies that are relevant and adaptable in a rapidly changing and increasingly interconnected global landscape."

So, why HEX? According to Norman, "The HEX High Accelerator program provides students not only with an opportunity to gain those skills by connecting with like-minded peers and mentors but also a formal academic credential from the University of Sydney that can be utilised as recognition of prior learning."

Want to explore a partnership for your high school?

If you’re an education provider looking to establish a similar partnership, reach out to our team today for a chat.

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