May 1, 2022

Made by Students, for Students: The Future of The HEX Design Advisory Board

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Made by Students, for Students: The Future of The HEX Design Advisory Board

Big. This is how one would describe all the things that have been happening here at HEX. 

And, we know, some of you may say that the proof in the pudding, so, here you go, here’s our pudding: 

Last quarter, we announced our capital raise, re-launched our Endeavour Singapore program, released a HEX passport (I know, how cool are we?), and most recently, have finally released our HEX Ed ‘innovation gap year’ baby into the wild. We also brought some new talent into the HEX team to put us in a strong position to achieve our goals. However, all of these big things would not be things at all without the help of our amazing Design Advisory Board.  Late last year, we brought on a rockstar bunch of individuals thanks to our Chief Learning Officer, Dr Katy McDevitt. The board is made up of a powerhouse of leading experts, across industry, education, product and design thinking, who have been helping bring our ideas to life. 

We’re particularly proud to announce the addition of four amazing students to the Design Advisory Board. Their presence will ensure we stay focused on being student-centred, delivering learning experiences made for students, by students. HEX knows that students need to be treated like sophisticated digital consumers, and our new colleagues are living proof of this! And we love the diversity of thought that emerges when students work directly alongside professionals from Atlassian and SEEK. 

With our Design Advisory Board in place, HEX's growth is supported with high quality input and guidance. And with their help, we can answer those gutsy questions that keep us up at night: 

  • What do today’s learners really need to get ready for tomorrow?
  • Where can HEX make a difference to young people’s skills, capabilities and careers?
  • What kinds of innovation and trends should we be getting excited about, and why?

And, with this we are so excited for what’s to come. HEX is onto more big, if not BIGGER things this next quarter. We’ll continue to share updates and insights from this group as the Board helps embrace our shared mission, so look out for more updates to come this year!

In the meantime, please check out the amazing humans on our Design Advisory Board below: 

Student Board:

Kristy Chung | Student Board Member

Kristy Chung is currently studying a Bachelor of Health Sciences at  Monash University. She was a finalist in Monash Uni’s 2019 Women in STEM and  Entrepreneurship (WISE) program, and with this has a passion for giving back to the community and celebrating diverse communities!

Bridget Chapman | Student Board Member (taking a gap year!)

Bridget Chapman is a recent high school graduate and is working toward a degree in Education. As she had to complete her last years of highschool online, she is able to provide a unique insight into this experience as a student. 

Maxwell Zhou | Student Board Member 

Maxwell Zhou is a self-proclaimed student entrepreneur who is only 17 years old. He has been working on his own EdTech and is passionate about transforming the learning environment for students like himself. 

Andreas Zakhari | Student Board Member 

Andreas (Dreas) Zakahari, and he is on his way to finishing a degree of Economics and Finance at The University of Melbourne. Even as a busy student, he’s found time to volunteer in the secondary and higher education sector over the last 5 years and has even spent some time in government and consultancies. What underpins all this is his great interest in how education can be used to empower and uplift communities.


Alison Torres | Head of Talent & Organisational Development @ Atlassian

Alison Torres has spent her career working with individuals, managers and teams to help build capability and performance. She’s worked across a range of industries, and is currently at Atlassian - her first experience in Tech! She considers herself the least technical person you could find (ironic!), but what she does bring is a design mindset and a people-first philosophy. More recently, she’s moved into a new space where she’s helping to shape the future of work in "TEAM Anywhere", and exploring how the People team can support this business transformation.

Jae Eddison | Program Manager - People Insights / Customer Experience @ Atlassian

Jae Eddison is the Program Manager for People Insights/Customer Experience at Atlassian. She has a far-reaching and versatile skill set developed over 20+ years including digital strategy, networking and data analysis. Moreover, she is a keen mentor who is passionate about promoting balanced and high-performing teams.

Leon Belobrov | Principal Product Manager, Mobile Apps, APAC @ SEEK

Leon Belobrov, is the Principal Product Manager, Mobile Apps, APAC at SEEK. He has been involved in Product for over 8 years and finds inspiration solving complex problems collaboratively, and taking ideas from ideation, through delivery and into the hands of our consumers. 

Kaia Myers-Stewart | Head of Product @ BITS-Core

Kaia Myers-Stewart, is a cyber security and Web3 expert who is passionate about building the new internet around positive social structures. She has a keen interest in how combinations of technology, innovative education, and cross-industry collaboration can maximise social impact outcomes on a global scale. Most recently, Kaia was the Head of Product for Bits-Core as an early stage cyber security SaaS solutions provider that she co-founded. 

Dr. Younes Mourchid | Senior Learning Architect @ Atlassian

Self-made Learning Scientist and Technologist, Dr Younes Mourchid is a Senior Learning Architect at Atlassian. He has had experience as the Learning Experience Designer and UX Researcher in startups such as, viz. Coursera, Docker. Moreover, he believes in helping individuals and organisations develop a mindset of transformation and self-awareness.  

Bri Johnston  | Senior Customer Experience (CX) Manager @ Telstra / Director @ One Street Over

Bri Johnston is the Senior Customer Experience (CX) Manager at Telstra / Director at One Street Over. She is an ex-higher-ed where she spent a decade designing programs and building the underlying support structures to enable quality and scale. On top of this, extremely passionate about the transformative potential of international programs and entrepreneurship. 

Ray Kung | Senior Manager, R&D Learning Enablement @ Atlassian / Executive Member @ Int'l LEAP Network

Ray Kung has over a decade of experience building out innovative learning functions for both established tech companies such as Atlassian and Citrix and high growth startups such as Docker and Nutanix. He is currently Senior Manager of Technical Training and Enablement at Reddit and advisor to early stage learning companies. Moreover, Ray believes in the power of learning to accelerate the potential of teams and individuals growth and development.  

Educators / Career Experts:

Tim Way | Managing Director @ The Career Conversation

Tim Way is the Managing Director at The Career Conversation. He is an HR leader with 20 years of experience under his belt in both multinational and start-up environments across the world including the UK, Australia and Asia.

Dr. Benjamin (Ben) Selznik | Assistant Professor @ James Madison University

Dr Benjamin (Ben) Selznick is an assistant professor of strategic leadership studies with a focus on postsecondary education leadership at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA. This is rooted in his exploration of how colleges can develop innovators, as well as innovation and organiszational leadership in higher education.

Leah Davidson | Executive Coach / Program Facilitator / Alumni Development Manager @ Skyline Education Foundation

Originally from the USA, Leah Davidson is a coach by trade with a niche in mindset coaching, executives and teams. Additionally, she also strives to create impact for young people all around the world, and it was with this that she started up

Damien Meunier | Director, Entrepreneurship @ Haileybury College

Damien Meunier has been a teacher for 20 years, and is currently the Head of Entrepreneurship & Learning Partnerships at Haileybury, Melbourne. He’s had experience in teaching, and the commercial world, including Ed tech start ups. With this he has recently delved into the innovation space as a computing and entrepreneurship educator and is keen on reimagining and redefining education for future generations.

Daryl Chan | Coach - Craft Practices and Learning @ Atlassian

From working in a range of sectors in telco, banking and retail, Daryl Chan is now in the tech space as a Coach specialising in Craft Practices and Learning at Atlassian. Away from this, he is passionate about sustainability and has even run some pilot programs for primary aged children aimed at helping build life skills required for creating a sustainable planet!.

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